October 23, 2015

Another Somewhat Daily Dose of Useless Tidbits for October 23., 2015

The Art of Modeling
by unknown artist

Good Reads
Is Now Available for Download. Easily my favorite magazine right now this issue features a whopping 124 pages for less then two bucks! The main theme of this issue is creating and painting flats.

from the publisher..
One of the goals of FPM is to show you, our readers, things that you may have never seen before and introduce you to new ideas. That’s why this issue is a bit of a special one dedicated to flachen zinnfiguren or flat tin figures. In this issue we have a show report from the Mecca of this sometimes overlooked part of our hobby, Kulmbach. We also have instruction about how to sculpt a flachen zinnfiguren and even a guide to buying them. Jessica Rich shares with us how she painted her first flachen zinnfiguren and this month’s insight is with Penny Meyer, who was awarded Best of Show for flachen zinnfiguren at Kulmbach earlier this year.

We have all the usuals reviews, views and news and interviews; in fact, we speak to Karol Rudyk, whom we last spoke to in issue one, about his latest project that we can exclusively reveal in this issue!

Also we have a breath taking tutorial from Adrian Hopwood about his sensational rendition of Hush and one from our very own Italian Stallion, Davide Rainone on how he recently painted his Dr. Doom bust...

Worth a Kick?
Illumistation - Created by Westwood Woodworks
The Illumistation is a compact painting and craft case, comprised storage and a removable base with an LED lamp. Now on KickStarter

Truth in Advertising!
Battle in a Box from Perry Miniatures is exactly what the name says! Everything you need to to play a civil war historical game including...2 Generals, 145 Infantry, 12 Cavalry, 18 Artillerymen, 4 guns, 1 Farmhouse, over 4 feet of fencing, unit bases for all figures, a revised 'Firepower' rule set by Alessia Cavatore to play the game. Throw in a uniform guide and flags and you truly have a "Battle in A Box".
PS- Probably need some glue and a couple tools and some paint if you really want to go to war.

Parting Thoughts...

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