January 15, 2016

BEST OF 2015! The New Vallejo Metal Color Range

Vallejo Metal Color is a new range of 18 water-based metallic colors, especially designed for airbrushing. In the development of this new and innovative range, the latest generation of aluminium pigments has been used in a specifically designed formula to produce colors of exceptional resistance and adherence to plastics and metal. These can be applied directly onto many surfaces without the need for a primer, although it is recommended to use a glossy black primer to get a really to bring forth the unique and special quality of the finishes.

The viscosity of Metal Color lets you work with airbrushes using nozzle sizes as small as 0.2 mm without having to dilute the colors, but environmental conditions can alter the viscosity of the product and cause the need for further dilution with Vallejo Thinner (71061, 71361 & 71161) We recommend working with a compressor pressure between PSI 10-15, 0.75-1.10 Bar

Metal Color was developed to be used straight out of the bottle when airbrushing so no thinner is needed but you can thin down with Vallejo thinner, tap water or alcohol to change some properties such as brighness, light reflected and finish. Colors can be mixed right in the cup of the airbrush. Metal Color dries almost instantly on the model and permits immediate application of aging processes such as the use of washes, pigments, and dry-brush techniques. It is however recommended to wait an hour or so before manipulating the fresh layer of paint. 

Brush painting of the Metal Colors is possible. It is best to apply the colors over a primer and apply a second primer coat for full coverage. While these paints self-level to the surface  really well the Metal Color range was designed for airbrush application so when using a brush to apply on an entire model the final outcome over large areas may result in some uneven properties in the form of brush marks.

Metal Colors can be masked. It is always best to allow the paint to fully cure at least 12 hours before any masking. With correct application over a clean surface, with or without primer, the Metal Colors will not lift off the surface after masking. 

There is a big difference between Metal Color and Vallejo’s regular metallic Model Air colors as Metal Color offers a true metallic paint using the latest generation pigments

Metal Color Gloss Black Primer (73660, 74660 & 77660) is a water-based acrylic-polyurethane primer, which dries quickly to the touch, and confers a glossy, self leveling base coat of extraordinary resistance. The painting of the model can be continued almost immediately after applying the primer, although when using masking tape, it is recommended to allow the primer to cure for some 12 hours before beginning the masking process.

Gloss Varnish Metal Color 77657: This varnish has been formulated especially for airbrushing; it dries very fast and does not leave fingerprints (“no tack”). Gloss Varnish can be applied directly or diluted with distilled water or thinner 71261. In some cases, a layer of varnish is enough but if more layers are required, an interval of 30 minutes is suggested between each coat. Once protected by the varnish, the colors resist the application of oils, glazes, and even pure turpentine and light washes with alcohol.

VLJ-73660 Vallejo Metal Color: Gloss Black Primer 60ml  
VLJ-74660 Vallejo Metal Color: Gloss Black Primer 200ml 
VLJ-77660 Vallejo Metal Color: Gloss Black Primer 32ml 
VLJ-77657 Vallejo Metal Color: Gloss Metal Varnish 32ml 
VLJ-77701 Vallejo Metal Color: Aluminum Metal Color 32ml 
VLJ-77702 Vallejo Metal Color: Duraluminum Metal Color 32ml 
VLJ-77703 Vallejo Metal Color: Dark Aluminum Metal Color 32ml 
VLJ-77704 Vallejo Metal Color: Pale Burnt Metal Color 32ml 
VLJ-77706 Vallejo Metal Color: White Aluminum Metal Color 32ml
VLJ-77707 Vallejo Metal Color: Chrome Metal Color 32ml
VLJ-77710 Vallejo Metal Color: Copper Metal Color 32ml
VLJ-77711 Vallejo Metal Color: Magnesium Metal Color 32ml
VLJ-77712 Vallejo Metal Color: Steel Metal Color 32ml
VLJ-77713 Vallejo Metal Color: Jet Exhaust Metal Color 32ml
VLJ-77716 Vallejo Metal Color: Semi Matte Aluminum Color 32ml 
VLJ-77717 Vallejo Metal Color: Dull Aluminum Metal Color 32ml
VLJ-77720 Vallejo Metal Color: Gunmetal Grey Metal Color 32ml
VLJ-77721 Vallejo Metal Color: Burnt Iron Metal Color 32ml Bottle 
VLJ-77723 Vallejo Metal Color: Exhaust Manifold Metal Color 32ml 
VLJ-77724 Vallejo Metal Color: Silver Metal Color 32ml
VLJ-77725 Vallejo Metal Color: Gold Metal Color 32ml
Download a PDF of the new range HERE

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