October 05, 2015

New for October 2015 is Extreme Reality from AK Interactive

New from AK Interactive is a new book titled Extreme Reality. This is another winner in the long line of great modeling guides from AK. Look for an in-depth review next month. Below is the description provided by AK. View Ordering Details
AK307 Extreme Reality 

...Realism is usually the goal that we as modelers always want to achieve. It becomes challenging as we have to bear in mind the many details we must add, but these small details are key to give our model its realistic appearance. Extreme Reality shows how this realism can be achieved in scale modeling. Follow the talented artists through a journey from a model to real life. Divided in step-by step articles showing you well known techniques to some or specific techniques only used on a specific model. They will show you how a bulldozer can be as extracted from the scrap yard or a bicycle abandoned somewhere in the countryside. Extreme Reality is a book of masterpieces and it is mean for all of us who enjoy and love this great hobby. 


Also new for October 2015 is the second in the Modelling Full Ahead series of books. Titled Lexington’s Final Battle. Look for an in-depth review next month. Below is the description provided by AK.
...When we decided to launch the Modeling Full Ahead project, we were aware that in an eighty page publication it was possible to condense the information needed to build a specific warship. But as modeling is evolving nowadays with it’s  curiosity, techniques, innovation, history, and certainly everything that pushes us to build a scale model, this cannot only be achieved with a monographic series. Baring  this is mind and in response to the multitude of suggestions we received, we offer you a parallel to the monographs series. In this special issue we will deal with difficulties that may occur to you during the building stages , such as working with photo-etch, advanced painting, scratch building, diorama composition, etc. With this new guide we will not only help you to build your models but also have the possibility to tell its history. View Ordering Details


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