May 07, 2017

What Are MTSC Trench Runners?

British Trench Runners World War I
Trench Runners were soldiers who carried messages by hand. Think Mel Gibson in the movie Gallipoli. Runners or (messengers) were drawn from both a specialised and everyday backgrounds.The function of a runner was not simply to bear messages from one area or command unit to another, although this featured prominently.  More critically - and requiring specialisation - qualified runners would be expected to closely familiarise themselves with areas of the front line. In order therefore to be able to guide the newly-arriving troops with accuracy so runners would need to excel both at map-reading and at reconnaissance, generally working in pairs and often with perhaps eight working upon the same task at various parts of the line.

So what are Michigan Toy Soldier Company (MTSC) Trench Runners?  They are a group of dedicated hobbyists* who will be posting reviews, news, observations, builds, tips & tricks, projects from beginning to end and just about anything else they want to to our blog. These guys represent the average hobbyist* in that they do this for pleasure or relaxation but are willing to pass along their thoughts and ideas to other collectors and modelers. We hope you will find this new feature both useful and enjoyable and if you would like to participate please contact us for details.

person who pursues an activity in their spare time for pleasure or interest pursued outside one's regular occupation.

The Trench Runners:
Matt Koltonow
Matt is the resident Michigan Toy Soldier Game Geek having worked at the shop for over three years now. He has an ever growing knowledge and passion of all things historical gaming. Matt has set up countless game demos and game days at the shop and has organized the new 32nd Gamers Club that meets at MTSC every Thursday. Matt is also a regular attendee of many HMGS shows as well as regional conventions. Whether it be board games, figure based games, painting, basing you name long as it's historical Matt is the guy. 

Tom Stark
Tom Stark is a plastic guy extrodenaire. He scours the world for unique plastic figures and has been an advisor on Expeditionary Force range. His never ending love for all things plastic have led him to regular articles in Plastic Warrior and his PM Puzzler is featured in every issue of Playset Magazine.

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