August 27, 2015

Trench Runner Matt Koltonow's Historical Gaming Observations

Hey everyone, Matt here with observations on historical gaming... Perry have released some pictures of 3-ups of their new plastic Hundred Years War French Infantry over on their Facebook page. On the downside they probably won’t be out till next year, but on the plus side they look fantastic. I have the plastics from their War of the Roses Range and they are great figures. Lots of options but still pretty simple to put together. 

It seems like Facebook is the place for all kinds of new information these days. With a new batch of Rubicon Models on the way hopefully in September, the company has released some images of a few more upcoming kits, a M10/M36 Tank Destroyer and a Hetzer. I’ve picked up a handful of their kits already and absolutely love them. The kits are simple without sacrificing details and a designed from a gaming perspective. The boxes usually come with several options and are real easy to assemble even for a non-modeler like myself. 

There’s some exciting new stuff from Warlord on the way as well. Warlord is about to release their plastic fallschirmjager followed (hopefully closely) by British and American Airborne. It looks like this will be one sprue with all kinds of different parts, similar to the panzer grenadiers set. Having just finished a platoon of British Paratroops, I’m super excited to see what the plastic set will look like. I really like the metal range from Warlord but its be nice to have some pose variety. Until next time...Game On!

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