January 13, 2016

BEST OF 2015: Panzer : The German Tanks Encyclopedia by Laurent Tirone

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Have you ever dreamt of being able to instantly identify any German tank? The number and diversity of models and versions make that task harder than it may at first sound! Well Caraktere Publishing is doing something about this and is pleased to announce the publication of Panzer : The German Tanks Encyclopaedia, the first volume in the new World War 2 Arsenal Encyclopaedia series, written by Laurent Tirone. Extensively illustrated with more than 200 unpublished or rarely seen photographs, over 100 color profiles and 4-view drawings throughout its 196 pages, this book presents you with an exceptional review of the German battle tanks and mechanical warfare, from 1933 to 1945.
- Imported from France
- 192 pages, Format 21.6 x 27.9 cm - Paperback
- Printed on semi-mat coated paper
- Full text in English

Caraktere Press release: Panzer: The German Tank Encyclopaedia now allows you, due to accurate technical and historical descriptions highlighting the key features and main differences between various versions, complete technical datasheets and 4-view colour drawings, to name the changes introduced by the German engineers during World War II. The Neubaufahrzeug, Panzer 35(t), Panzer 38(t), Panzer I, Panzer II, Panzer III, Panzer IV, Panther, Tiger I and II will no longer hold any secrets from you!

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