August 04, 2015

Another Somewhat Daily Dose of Useless Tidbits for August 4, 2015

Good Reads
The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article titled "Tomb of the Now Known: Jamestown Settlers Identified After 400 Years" Archaeologists put names to remains of four English settlers. 

It's fascinating the things modern archaeologists can do these days. The article tells how they identified the four sets of remains that were discovered at the site if the original Jamestown five years ago including those of Sir Ferdinando Wainman the first English knight to die in the New World. I never equated English Knights with the New World. It's a very interesting article so have a look HERE

Good Art
The Art of the of the Toy Soldier #87 

Good Laughs
Found at a Walmart which explains everything! Random Funny Stuff

Good Art
"The Key to life...the radio" is the title of this stunning 1/35th scale vignette by Zdeněk Petrovič
>>>detailed views HERE

Good Old School
"Came across an old article from the early 1970s featuring this fantastic diorama. Tied to track down more information with no luck. 

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