August 19, 2015

FIGURE OF THE WEEK #86: Britains Hollowcast Cowboy & Indian

So how does a couple of pre-war toys end up as a FOTW? It's easy...beautifully simplistic design that is sleek and colorful. They come from the William Britain company, are 54mm and made of hollowcast lead. These two are in remarkable condition for figures that are close to 75 years old and more then likely were never played with allowing this collector the chance to appreciate vintage figures that look just like they did when they were bought back in the day.

DYK: The miniature soldier market was completely transformed in 1893 when William Britain invented a process for hollow-casting lead. Britain's hollow-cast system involved pouring molten lead into a mold that was turned as the metal cooled, with a small opening allowing for excess lead to escape. The finished product was a hollow figurine considerably cheaper and lighter than earlier designs. Without Britains, toy-soldier collectors would have a much heavier load to bear. That’s because company-founder William Britain, Jr. revolutionized the industry by greatly reducing the weight, and cost, of these toys. Sold at various times under the names William Britain, W. Britain, Britains, and Petit they still command attention from collectors with a eye for quality and value. Regulations forced Britains to stop production of all lead toys in 1966.

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