August 05, 2015

FIGURE OF THE WEEK #84: Another Cross to Bear

I've never made my love of figures from the Great War a secret. This one came my way many, many years ago from an old time modeler who was selling his collection of personal figures and models he had built over a lifetime. This gentleman, who name is lost to the fog of memory was modeling back in the early years of the 50s & 60s and his collection was like opening a time capsule with all the old catalogs, magazines and reference materials the collection contained. I fell in love with every single piece and I just never could bring myself to sell them. The entire collection is still in my possession to this day. On a recent dusting battle I ended up rearranging these models and figures as a way of making them seem new and fresh again. The one featured here is titled "Another Cross To Bear." This 1/35th scale figure is beautiful in it's simplicity. One figure telling a sad story. I hope every collector has a figure like this that can evoke such an emotional response as this one does to me and remind us why we love the hobbies we pursue.

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