August 17, 2015

Another Somewhat Daily Dose of Useless Tidbits for August 17, 2015 World War I Binge!

Good Reads
One hundred years after the Austrians fired the first shots of war against the Serbs, the events of the First World War are some of the most devastating and traumatic in history. From the brutal carnage of the Somme, Arras, Passchendaele and Gallipoli to colonial campaigns in Africa, Mesopotamia and Palestine, from revolution in Russia to civil war in Ireland, The First World War Remembered brings the conflicts of 1914–1918 to life as never before.

Gary Sheffield’s authoritative text is supplemented by over 200 photographs and colour battle maps, as well as 30 painstakingly researched rare facsimile documents – personal and unit war diaries, letters, secret plans and telegrams, orders, maps and posters – that until now have been filed or exhibited in museums and archives around the world, including: Kitchener’s orders to the British Expeditionary Force sent to France in 1914, a letter describing the Christmas Truce of 1914 and Douglas Haig’s handwritten draft of his famous “Backs to the Wall” order. Produced in association with Imperial War Museums, this is the ultimate interactive guide to The Great War.

Good Viewing
Battle of the Somme - Real Footage A video in memory of all those who gave their lifes during First World War. Features real footage from the Somme, including quotes and figures.

Good Views
New images added to our album Images of War - WWI Collection - The Great War

Undated. Good view of the equipment and weapons toted by Stoßtruppen - storm troops. Initially, storm troops were formed on a completely unofficial basis within infantry formations to perform such functions as the punitive raids which had become an accepted part of life in the trenches.

Good Views
New images added to our album Images of War - Relics & Militaria of The Great War

Good Art
1/6 scale (action figure) by Unknown Artist.

Good Games
A selection of World War I Tables has been added to our Facebook Album: Game On! Drool worthy man-caves and game layouts for gamers!

Good Blog
Roundwood’s World by Sidney Roundwood. Fantastic Blog with lot's great tips and S-B-S. Check out the section on Trenches
to see the building of a WWI Trench for gaming. Currently there are 92 different posts on the Great War alone.

Found on Facebook
"La Grande Guerra" - The World War I  is a nice collection of Great War images, relics  and more. Updated regularly. 

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