July 23, 2015

Product Spotlight: New Deluxe Materials Strip Magic

Strip Magic
No we haven't started strip club to pay the bills. Instead we rely products from  innovative companies like Deluxe Materials the producers world class modeling products to come up new must have products like their new paint stripping formula that...
• Softens and removes paint from plastic in minutes.
 Stays where it is applied.
 May be used on plastic, resin, metals etc.
 Non-corrosive & Non-flammable.
 A fast acting, spreadable and controllable paint stripper that will soften and remove paints and primers, typically within 5-15 minutes according to paint type.

Instructions for use: Mask off area. Apply with brush or cotton bud and it goes to work straight away. Allow paint to soften and check progress frequently. Clean off softened paint residue as it forms with methylated spirit or isopropyl alcohol using a small brush or cotton bud. Do not leave Strip Magic on the bare surface of clean plastic for periods over ten minutes. Feel the Magic HERE

Have a look at this excellent product video Deluxe has provided.

But that's not all. Want the magic to never end? Then have a look at Brush Magic the fast acting brush cleaner from Deluxe. Brush Magic performs HERE

I can honestly say that I have used both of these products recently and it's true! They work like Magic!

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