August 19, 2015

Product Spotlight: AK Interactive Unleashes Tanker Magazine & 4x2 The New Learning Series Book

AK Interactive has released three excellent new publications...

Tanker Magazine Premier Issue
This new 100 page magazine offers a new concept based on modeling techniques with sections focused on painting, building and weathering, delivered each quarter on a particular topic; The world’s best modellers will guide you through these pages to help you master the latest techniques and all the classic tricks.

Feature articles and S-B-S from world renown modelers Adam Wilder, Editor Kristof Pulinckx, Ruben Gonzalez, Frenado Vallejo, John Simmons and Emmanual Nouailler and more.

We are sure that Tanker will herald a new global benchmark for scale modelling magazines. This new approach and concept for a new quarterly magazine, focuses on amazingly realistic paint schemes and finishes, showing you how to accomplish them.  I especially like the sections titled School of Techniques and Tip's & Tricks. Excellent! Short! & Sweet !
AKI 4810  Listing with page Samples

4x2 is a learning book where 4 modelers build, paint and weather 4 different models each with 2 different finishes: a vehicle during the time when it was built and used, and the same vehicle destroyed or abandoned and found later in time (weathered). With this idea in mind AK brings you articles of the same vehicle modeled with different techniques. A book to inspire new ways of modeling, 150 pages with highly detailed step-by-step processes.
AKI-4801 Listing with page Samples

Aces High no. 5 AKI-2908
This issue kicks off the second year of Aces High magazine. This issueof AH brings you to the skies over Vietnam in the 60s and 70s, with Vietnamese MIG's, US Navy, Air Force and Marine aircraft featured in a new gallery section, and the classic magazine features of vehicle and figure sections are all here. A number of essential schemes in which you can see the finishing techniques at the hands of European teachers under the direction of Daniel Zamarbide the author of the best selling F. A. Q. Aircraft Modelling

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