July 07, 2015

Another Somewhat Daily Dose of Useless Tidbits for July 7, 2015

 Good Reads
Lens of War: Exploring Iconic Photographs of the Civil War by J. Matthew Gallman

In terms of both concept and content, Lens of War is unlike any other title in Civil War scholarship. Editors J. Matthew Gallman and Gary Gallagher began with a simple equation: one photograph + one historian = one essay. They asked several scholars to choose a photograph from the conflict. Whether the image is iconic or obscure, a personal favorite or a scholarly inspiration, or one that most encapsulates an interpretation of the war, authors were then tasked with writing a relatively brief essay about it. Images I’ve stared at since boyhood—and others I’d never seen—come into fresh focus through the scholarly yet personal gaze of leading historians. This revelatory and highly readable book will captivate longtime students of the Civil War.
  The UnCivil Wars series at the University of Georgia Press describes itself as “dedicated to new ways of seeing and telling the American Civil War.” Lens of War actually manages to tell the war by seeing it. Moreover, it illuminates not only how photographs shape our understandings and memories of the war, but also how we teach it, and how images—even in black and white—will always hold a special power the written world alone simply cannot supply.

Good Images
for July 7, 2015

Good Information
InScale.org is an international community of modelers founded by modelers. Its aim is to to bring the community reviews, news and feature articles to modelers and for them to show progress with their latest work, ask for help, and to be able to share ideas and tips.
Good God... WTF?
Model stash..you're doing it right!

Good Art
Corporal, 5th Regiment New York Volunteers 
54mm by Masahiro Fukaya
more views HERE

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