June 09, 2015

Product Spotlight: Super Phatic! & Roket Card Glue by Deluxe Materials

Roket Card Glue
Roket Card Glue from Deluxe Materials is an easy to use low viscosity adhesive enabling the rapid assembly of printed card models of all types. Roket card glue gives a very fast bond even on butt joints by positioning and pressing the parts together. It also has strong wicking action ideal for pre assembled close fitting joints.

I've been using Roket Card to glue together boxes from Plus Models and it makes this tedious job 100x faster and easier!

Roket Card is Ideal for:
Assembly of paper model detailing products
Assembly of paper and card stock models
Model rocket cardboard tubes.
Use sparingly, align and press parts together for instant bond. Water clean up. 50ml bottle with tip

Super 'Phatic! Glue
Super 'Phatic! Glue from Deluxe Materials  is a highly penetrating yellow aliphatic glue with wicking action for close fitting pre-assembled joints. Dries fast and bonds wood, foam, plastic. Is waterproof when set and produces tougher joints than cyano.

Ideal for:
Assembly of laser cut wood
Assembly of slot together models
Repairing splits and cracks in wood or reinforcing suspect joints.
Model rail ballast and card model construction
Model rocket cardboard tubes.

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