January 15, 2016

BEST OF 2015! Perfect Plastic Putty by Deluxe Materials

Perfect Plastic Putty from Deluxe Materials is a water based filler designed for modelers to specifically use on injection moulded plastic models. A single tube of Perfect Plastic Putty contains 40ml of the product and is supplied with a nozzle that can be cut to various sizes depending on the purpose you want to use it for.

Is it good?  You bet! It's another great tool to have in your modeling kit. However, I also don't consider it a be-all, end-all putty but when it comes to filling simple seams – especially 90 degree ones – Perfect Plastic Putty is a great putty to use. Especially since you can smooth it out with little-to-no sanding.

What can I say other than I highly recommend you give it a try as it is better than I thought possible. It is water based so no smelly chemicals in the mix, it can be cleaned up with water so an error in application or getting some on the carpet is easily cleaned up or removed. Just be aware that even when it's dry is still water soluble. Control over application to the model is first rate with excellent control over both flow and placement which also allows for very fine beads of filler to be applied to just about any location that the nozzle tip can reach. The really great thing is you don't have to worry about removing the excess putty prior to drying, like you do with epoxy putties such as Aves Apoxie. PPP can be smoothed out after drying, and with a brush I've been able to eliminate most seams just by using it damp (ensure it's not too wet) to remove the excess. It will take a little more effort to do once the putty is dry, but I think it works great. I've used this putty in a number of instances on every type of seam I have. I've used it to fill gaps; to correct "steps" (where one part doesn't line up entirely with another part, leaving a step), to fill holes, and to blend.

Deluxe Materials provides an excellent YouTube clip on one way to use their putty.

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