June 10, 2015

FIGURE OF THE WEEK #81: Casualties from the Backyards of the 60s!

We buy and sell a lot of collections here at MTSC. I was recently sorting through a purchase of some Marx playsets from the 1960s when I came across this fella. Yup one of the ACW casualties! Shot guys, dead guys, wounded guys...they were all so cool. Firecrackers and matches helped many a soldier become a casualty of war. Doctor them up with a little red paint (or mom's nail polish in a pinch), bundle him up in some Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Tape and you had instant gore filled battle action. 

This guy definitely had a rough time but he seems in good hands even with the serious head wound he sustained as they have him all wrapped up and ready for transport to the aid station. I can picture in my head the kid in the backyard working hard to save this guy's life. Man we had it good in the 60s! 
...So today we find all the childhood backyard casualties of the imagination our FOTW.

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