May 27, 2015

Product Spotlight: PanPastel Easy Weathering Effects in Seconds!

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Sometimes we need to look outside our normal fields for inspiration and PanPastels is a good case for doing so. These pastels were launched a several years ago have been widely accepted by model railway modelers as a important tool for weathering. PanPastel Colors are professional grade, ultra-fine pastel colors  packed in a unique pan format (cake-like) so that they can be mixed and applied like paint. The special qualities of PanPastel means that they can be mixed, layered and applied “dry” making them ideal for applying realistic weathering effects quickly. PanPastel Colors adhere well to most surfaces, yet can be removed easily if required. Available in kits & as individual colors.They are very low dust for a cleaner working environment. PanPastel colors are fully compatible with: pastel sticks, pencils, markers, other artist’s colors and mediums for mixed media techniques and conventional fixatives.

This is a revolutionary new way to use color pastels for can blend & apply dry color like fluid paint with no drying time required. Instantly ready for use – just lift the palette lid and work immediately. No solvents or water needed. Application of these pastels is a bit unlike any other weathering. You start by lightly brushing one of the sponges across the pastel; this is the first difference from the normal application of pigments. Unlike the normal brush application method for pigments there is very little waste and absolutely no mess. Next the sponge is brushed across the model leaving a light coating of the color on the model's surfaces. Clean-up is easy too: just put the lids back on the dishes and give the sponges a quick dab into some water to remove the excess, and your done. I was very impressed with this product and if you need to see the effects that can be achieved have a look at Pan Pastels' website, and there are many interesting videos on YouTube showing the process on model railroad stock which can be adapted to our hobby.

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PanPastel offers these advantages compared to weathering pigments and pastel sticks:
- Mixable - mix & layer like paint to create an infinite number of custom colors
- Low Dust - quick, clean “no mess” alternative to powders and pastel sticks
- Quick & easy - no drying or prep. time - colors are instantly ready for use
- Erasable - simply erase or clean off the color to change it (prior to fixing)
- Ultra fine - highly pigmented color formulations - it’s like using pure pigment
- Realistic effects - doesn’t have a “painted on” appearance once applied
- Compatible - with spray fixatives and other flat finishes
- Pan format: cake-like format enables pastel color to be lifted and applied like paint
- Highly pigmented formulations: minimal binder/fillers means the finest pastel colors possible
- Ultra soft & rich: buttery, blendable colors
- Versatile: can be used on a wider variety of surfaces - very low-tooth delicate to high-tooth surfaces
- Jar packaging: holds the color for easy organization and storage

PanPastels Tips & Techniques
Model Railroader Magazine- Weathering in 7 Minutes
Video showing Rob Manley's PanPastel weathering demonstration

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