August 10, 2016


Create Realistic Trees and Shrubs in Minutes!

Every once in a while we stumble across products out of the mainstream distribution channels and not known within the hobby. Forest in a Flash is such a product. The Deciduous Tree Kits are fast and easy to assemble and include beautiful plant material with thousands of tiny natural "leaves". Fully preserved and dyed in a wide range of natural looking colors these are available in a variety of summer greens as well as fall colors. Oaks, elms, aspens, maples, cottonwoods and many other tree types can be made.

Each package contains two bunches of material, instructions on how to make trees and styrofoam piece to use for assembly. All you need is some thread or wire and a little putty to make your vegetation. Each kit will make between 6 and 20 trees depending on the sizes you choose to make. Approximately 6” in height out of the package. 100s of applications & very realistic! Works in any scale including  1/72nd, 28mm, 1/35th, 1/32nd...the list goes on and on. Great for gamers too!

With Forest in a Flash you can create realistic trees, shrubs,  low growth  vegetation and
camouflage in figure scenes and dioramas. Made in the USA!
View the range HERE
JFF-F01 Forest in a Flash Deciduous Kit - Yellow Green Ash/Cottonwood 
JFF-F02 Forest in a Flash Deciduous Kit - Dark Green Maple 
JFF-F03 Forest in a Flash Deciduous Kit - Light Green Oak 
JFF-F04 Forest in a Flash Deciduous Kit - Autumn Red 
JFF-F05 Forest in a Flash Deciduous Kit - Autumn Orange 
JFF-F06 Forest in a Flash Deciduous Kit - Autumn Yellow

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