May 16, 2015

Product Spotlight: Andrea Miniatures Captain of Hussars, 1806

S8-F58 Captain of Hussars, 1806 
For over 30 years the folks over at Andrea have produced the finest figures on the planet. This beautiful 90mm kit is no exception. 

DYK- Andrea now produces 'Unboxed' videos of all their new releases. These can be found on the product pages of our website. 

Those of you who receive our newsletter 'Over The Top' every week know that the last issue I added a personal rant as follows...
Long a gripe of mine, companies are doing their customers a disservice by not providing the best possible details on the products they are asking you to buy. Packaging, box art, box contents! Is it to much to ask a manufacture to provide these. Many vendors provide box art but fail to show the contents or the finished product. All too many times the exact oppiste is true. We here at MichToy spend a lot of time searching for the best images and details we can find and if we can't we take our own. After all we are asking you to buy something by it's visual representation. Hats off to Andrea for doing it right and offering you the complete picture on their products. Let's hope more companies follow suit.

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