June 01, 2015

Product Spotlight: Mech Madness! In Combat – Painting Mechas from AMMO

In Combat – Painting Mechas
For decades now, robots and other big Sci-Fi war machines have been one of the most popular modeling subjects throughout Asia and a somewhat smalle,r yet devote group of modelers world wide.  The Japanese company Bandai popularized this fascinating world with their Gundams which is still followed today by many modelers. Another passionate group follow Hasegawa's Maschinen Krieger series not to mention the Paolo Parente's Dust.
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Well for those MECHAS lovers out there, this 92-page book provides unique, highly realistic painting and weathering techniques through a series of detailed step-by-step articles all of which are full of useful tricks and tips. This indispensable book is a collaboration between Mig Jimenez, Oishi Modeler, Luca Zampriolo, Chulho Yoo and Daniel Morcillo. Novices will to learn how to give realistic finishes to their models while there is a wealth of information for modelers at all skill levels.

Wait...There's more...Did I mention that AMMO of MIG have thoughtfully put together the first three sets in a series specially designed for Mechas. The first set contains six colors for some of the most popular Mechas. Accurate colors formulated with this modeling genre in mind. While all these colors and effects are available individually they are packaged here in a convenient box sets.
AMIG-7127 Robots & Mechas Colors
AMIG-048 Yellow
AMIG-049 Red
AMIG-103 Medium Blue
AMIG-204 FS 36118 Medium Gunship Gray
AMIG-119 Cold Gray
AMIG-120 Light Brown-Gray

AMIG-7428 Chipping Set For Mechas
Basic set for some of the commonest effects found on robots and Mechas. Provides the necessary products to create paint chips and chipped grime as seen in the book 'In Combat, Painting Mechas'. It can also be used on any kind of machinery, dioramas, trucks, bulldozers or spaceships.
AMIG-044 Chipping
AMIG-2010 Scratches Effects
AMIG-1407 Engine Grime
AMIG-7429 Weathering Set For Mechas
Basic set to recreate weathering effects on robots, Mechas, spaceships and any kind of Sci-Fi vehicles and machinery. This set and the ref. A.MIG 7428 CHIPPING SET FOR MECHAS complement each other. Application methods are shown in the book ' In Combat, Painting Mechas'
AMIG-1500 Filter Brown For White
AMIG-1201 Streaking Grime For Dak
AMIG-3007 Dark Earth

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