May 31, 2015

Product Spotlight: The Rise Of Fantasy: How to Build Fantasy Scenes by Accion Press

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From Accion Press (Euro Modelismo) comes the another volume in the ‘Maximum’ series. The Rise Of Fantasy is a compendium covering the world of fantasy modeling. The growing genre of fantasy modeling offers the hobbyist a true liberation of creative talents and personality, limited by only the imagination. This book covers the technical and artistic considerations in creating fantasy figures and in turn a way tell a story via fantasy scenes and dioramas. The author, Juan J. Barrena (JJ) believes that fantasy modeling is a source of satisfaction and a way to express whatever is inside of you.

This soft over book contains 112 pages with over 400 color images, in A4 format.

Please note: We were able to get bettering pricing on this title and have lowered the price. We have also refunded these savings to anyone who pre-paid. 

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