April 08, 2015

FIGURE OF THE WEEK #78: MIM Ancient Egyptians c1940s

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MIM from Belgium
Although properly considered as “military miniatures,” MIMs were sold in the U.S. through toy-soldier outlets, as were Vertunnis and Courtenays, and found a place in many collections, displayed next to Mignots.

They were produced by Emmanuel Steinback from 1935-48, and came in two standards—MIM and NIMIM (NIMIM being the simpler one-piece casting, with a little less detail). Both are extremely well done by today’s standards, and command a dedicated following by those collectors who have been exposed to them.

Subject matter can encompass the range of history, from ancients to World War II, but the most in-demand would be the Napoleonics of the First Empire. Toward the end, as it ran into financial trouble, MIM tried to counter this by producing composition figures, such as a stagecoach set, etc., under the name INCAMIM. But it wasn’t enough. The composition stock and molds were then bought by Durso around 1948.

Identification is fairly easy on these 60mm solid lead figures—rectangular base and most carry number and name of figure under the base. Riders detach from horses. 

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