March 05, 2015

FIGURE OF THE WEEK #76: Different paths to the same end

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 Toy soldier companies interpret events in different ways. Sometimes things are lifted from historical images or prints. Sometimes the sculptor's interpretation guides the finished product. Regardless of the road taken every once -in-awhile we come across interesting and different figures depicting the same events. Such is the case with "The Last Meeting" - Lee, Jackson and Stuart the Night Before Chancellorsville. Pictured here are the recent W. Britains release of "The Last Meeting" sculpted by Ken Osen, a version released a number of years ago by the short-lived 5 Star Miniatures which produced a number of American Civil War vignettes that were, uniquely  manufactured in Vietnam and a version issued by Prescott Miniatures which were interestingly made by Richard Walker who went on to head Britains for a number of years.

"The Last Meeting"
by 5 Star Miniatures c. 1999

"The Last Meeting"
by W. Britains c. 2013

"The Last Meeting"
by Prescott Miniatures c. 1999

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