March 31, 2015

Product Spotlight: Update 31mar2015 - Stormtrooper, 1917 by Andrea Miniatures

PRODUCT UPDATE: Andrea has just posted a new Step-by-Step video to painting a Stormtrooper helmet and head. You can view it below. The May 2015 issue of Scale Military Modeller will contain a complete S-B-S of the entire figure.

The latest WWI figure from Andrea Miniatures is this beautiful 90mm WWI German Stormtrooper, 1917. This white metal kit come with  20 parts including gas mask lenses and 2 gas mask canisters and 2 heads...which I've been told are better then one. Have a look below at the Unboxing video provided by Andrea. View Andrea Item No. S8-F57

The accompanying book...

Sturmtruppen WWI German Stormtroopers (1914-1918) from Andrea Press. 



March 23, 2015

Monday Moanin'...A Daily Dose of Useless Tidbits for 23march2015

Links & Web Gems: Figure Painter Magazine Issue 23 Now Available

Figure Painter Magazine issue 23
Figure Painter Magazine  23
Is Now Available for Download

from the publisher..
In this issue we have something for every level of painter. For beginners (or more advance modellers wanting to improve), Marta Ślusarska begins a new series of tutorials showing the basics of miniature painting. We also have a chat to Scale75 about their new Smog Riders intro models. For the intermediate and advanced painters we have the second part of Ian Succamor’s Puritan Preacher and Damon Drescher tells us about his fabulous Hannya Knight while Jason Martin begins a new series showing us how to exploit Light & Colour.

We also have a details of the best new miniatures on the market as well as a close look at gaming and modelling accessories with our market place articles and unboxing reviews. Plus loads more - 126 pages, but to kick this off, we have a brilliant insight interview with non-other than Kirill ‘Yellow one’ Kanaev.

STILL THE BEST DEAL ON THE WEB! FPM is available as a downloaded PDF for less then $2.00 a copy.  FPM is a independent magazine dedicated to sculpting, painting, displaying, collecting and gaming with miniature figures from all genre's. The magazine has details on new releases, reviews, interviews with the industries top painters and sculptors, show reports, tutorials and a user gallery.

A Daily Dose of Useless Tidbits for 23march2015

Can't wait for...Spring Helicopters
Old School
Old School
Random Funny Stuff
"New France" a 54mm Diorama by Maurizio Berselli
10 more images in our Gallery HERE

March 20, 2015

Friday Funnies...A Daily Dose of Useless Tidbits for 20march2015

Friday Funnies...
The opposing view... 
Friday Funnies...Disturbing to say the least!
Here's one to inspire... Le Môme a 1/35th scale Diorama
Time for everyone to do some Spring cleaing and dig out all those
old soldiers, kits and accumulations you have.
We Buy and Sell Collections and Accumulations of New & Old Toy Soldiers, Model Kits, Historical Miniatures, Historical Reference Books, Militaria, Vintage Toys and Related items. We also accept consignments. Please call toll free 1-888-642-4869 or email us at

March 17, 2015

A Daily Dose of Useless Tidbits for 17march2015

In the Gallerry: Inspired by... View Album HERE
Random Funny Stuff 17march2015
Ak Interactive How to Guides - 50+ quick guides to using AK
One of my favorite..umm...I'm not sure what to call it?
More Random Funny Stuff 17march2015

March 13, 2015

Product Spotlight: Woodland Scenics Just Plug Lighting System

Woodland Scenics has released  'Just Plug' a new lighting system "for dummies" and while designed with model railroading in mind, the applications for modelers and use in dioramas are endless.
The company line...
No electrical knowledge or special tools needed...just plug and you're done! The Just Plug™ Lighting System is a quick and easy way to add realism and interest to new and existing layouts and other projects. Individual bulb brightness can be controlled, and the modular design allows for easy expansion. Just Plug is compatible with DCC and works for any scale.

WOO-5700 Just Plug: Warm White Stick-On LED Lights w/24” Cable (2) & Light Hub Set
WOO-5701 Just Plug: Light Hub w/Dimmer Controls for 4 LED Lights
WOO-5702 Just Plug: Expansion Hub w/4 48” Connecting Cables
WOO-5715 Just Plug: Light Diffusing Window Kit, White Film & Dark Tint Material
WOO-5716 Just Plug: Light Block Kit, Black Ribbon Putty & Masking Paint
WOO-5717 Just Plug: Tidy Wire Kit, 12 Wire Mounts, 24 Twist Ties, 20 Labels
WOO-5725 Just Plug: Auxiliary On/Off Switch w/48” Connecting Cable
WOO-5736 Just Plug: Orange Stick-On LED Lights w/24” Cable (2)
WOO-5737 Just Plug: Green Stick-On LED Lights w/24” Cable (2)
WOO-5738 Just Plug: Blue Stick-On LED Lights w/24” Cable (2)
WOO-5739 Just Plug: Red Stick-On LED Lights w/24” Cable (2)
WOO-5740 Just Plug: Warm White Stick-On LED Lights w/24” Cable (2)
WOO-5741 Just Plug: Cool White Stick-On LED Lights w/24” Cable (2)
WOO-5742 Just Plug: Yellow Stick-On LED Lights w/24” Cable (2)
WOO-5743 Just Plug: Warm White Nano LED Lights w/24” Cable (2)
WOO-5744 Just Plug: Yellow Nano LED Lights w/24” Cable (2)
WOO-5745 Just Plug: Red Nano LED Lights w/24” Cable (2)
WOO-5746 Just Plug: Green Nano LED Lights w/24” Cable (2)
WOO-5747 Just Plug: Blue Nano LED Lights w/24” Cable (2)
WOO-5748 Just Plug: Cool White Nano LED Lights w/24” Cable (2)
WOO-5749 Just Plug: Orange Nano LED Lights w/24” Cable (2)
WOO-5754 Just Plug: Yellow Flashing Nano LED Lights w/24” Cable (2)
WOO-5755 Just Plug: Red Flashing Nano LED Lights w/24” Cable (2)
WOO-5760 Just Plug: 48” Connecting Cable w/Plugs (2) for Hubs or Power Packs
WOO-5761 Just Plug: 48” Extension Cable w/Plugs (2) for Lighting System
WOO-5770 Just Plug: Power Supply (120VAC input) for Light Hub & Expansion Hub
View Listings & Order Now

March 09, 2015

A Daily Dose of Useless Tidbits for 09march2015

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality!
Optical Delusions and Small Realities 
Random Funny Stuff
Old School!!

I hate this guy....

March 05, 2015

FIGURE OF THE WEEK #76: Different paths to the same end

click to expand view
 Toy soldier companies interpret events in different ways. Sometimes things are lifted from historical images or prints. Sometimes the sculptor's interpretation guides the finished product. Regardless of the road taken every once -in-awhile we come across interesting and different figures depicting the same events. Such is the case with "The Last Meeting" - Lee, Jackson and Stuart the Night Before Chancellorsville. Pictured here are the recent W. Britains release of "The Last Meeting" sculpted by Ken Osen, a version released a number of years ago by the short-lived 5 Star Miniatures which produced a number of American Civil War vignettes that were, uniquely  manufactured in Vietnam and a version issued by Prescott Miniatures which were interestingly made by Richard Walker who went on to head Britains for a number of years.

"The Last Meeting"
by 5 Star Miniatures c. 1999

"The Last Meeting"
by W. Britains c. 2013

"The Last Meeting"
by Prescott Miniatures c. 1999

March 04, 2015

Product Spotlight: Hataka Hobby Paint

A new paint company has launched a very professional line of aviation acrylic paint sets covering many genres, theatres of war and shades - called Hataka, this new Polish company is based on cutting-edge paint technologies and a 100% historically true color philosophy.

From the manufacture:
We created Hataka because we believe that for all true modellers the historical truth and compliance with the original colours are important. Since early 1990s the modelling world has gone a long and windy road of development and gradual popularisation of new painting and weathering techniques. Modern models became more and more realistic in terms of their "wear and tear” imitation, but has it in terms of compliance with actual colours palette? There are some paints on the market that are historically correct, but still not many. That is why still so many modellers waste their precious time in search for a perfect colour match. Hataka is here to fill this gap.

We have built our company based on one simple philosophy – to combine our passion for modelling, in-depth historical knowledge that we have (and countless trips in search of samples of the original colours) with extensive experience in the production of paints for a variety of applications, in order to deliver to modellers the technologically advanced and environmentally safe products they need.

View & Order Here

HTK-AS1 Polish Air Force 1919-39 Camouflage
Camouflage colours used for Polish planes between 1919 and 1939
HTK-AS2 Early Luftwaffe 1937-40 Camouflage
Standard camouflage colours of Luftwaffe planes between 1937 and 1940
HTK-AS3 Late Luftwaffe 1944-45 Camouflage
Standard camouflage colours of Luftwaffe planes between 1944 and 1945
HTK-AS4 US Army Air Force 1939-45 Camouflage Standard camouflage colours of USAAF planes between 1939 and 1945
HTK-AS5 Late US Navy 1943-45 Camouflage Paint 
Standard camouflage colours of US Navy planes between 1943 and 1945
HTK-AS6 Luftwaffe in Africa Camouflage
Standard camouflage colours of Luftwaffe planes in Northern Africa
HTK-AS7 RAF D-Day Battle of Britain Camouflage Standard camouflage colours of RAF planes during WW2
HTK-AS8 RAF in Africa Camouflage
Standard camouflage colours of RAF planes in Northern Africa 
HTK-AS9 USAF Vietnam War-Era Camouflage Standard camouflage colours of USAF planes in 1960s-70s 

HTK-AS10 USAF 1980s Cold War Camouflage
Standard camouflage colours of USAF planes in 1980s

From You Tube
International Scale Modeller Hataka Hobby Paint Review
An indepth review and spray test of the new kid on the block for paint - Hataka Hobby...

March 03, 2015

Links & Web Jems & Other Digital Delights: Miniscaping

Miniscaping is a cool Face Book page where artists showcase inspirational creations from the arts of: AquaScaping, Bonsai, Diorama, Model scenery, Scale modeling, Paludarium, Penjing and more.
The 'eye candy' Face Book feed is worth a visit HERE

For a more in-depth and extensive experience check out

A Daily Dose of Useless Tidbits for 03march2015

WWI Observation Balloon. 1/35th scale scratch built diorama by Alan Frowen
More images HERE
The Art of the Toy Soldier...

 Neat article (READ HERE) from a couple years back on the BBC website about wargaming. "It is been over a century since HG Wells published the first proper set of rules for hobby war games. There's a hardcore of gamers who are still playing in his style." Also pretty cool is the fact HG Wells's lead soldiers  are still in the possession of his family. His great-grandson Prof Dominic Wells remembers many day-long games with them against his father. Illustrated London News picture of HG Wells war gaming was "remarkably similar to what we were doing," he says
llustrated London News picture from 1913, showing Wells measuring a move with string
        HG Wells great-grandson Prof Dominic Wells with HG's original figures