February 21, 2015

Links & Web Jems & Other Digital Delights: Ultimate Anatomy Kits by Michael Kontraros IndieGoG Campaign

"Lately interest in figure sculpting has increased substantially and continues to be on the rise within the figure modeling community. Many figure modelers want to go to the next level, to create their own scratch built miniatures, so Michael Kontraros decided to release a series of ultimate anatomy kits that will assist them to reach their goals."

The “Michael Kontraros – Ultimate Anatomy Kit” has been created to provide significant advantages from the other anatomy kits available on the market. 
Each box will include:
1. One complete miniature figure, which the modeler can dress and convert as he wants.
2. One unassembled (in parts) fully poseable miniature with 3 different interchangeable set of hands on which the muscle structure has been already sculpted.
3. Wire to create the posture/stance of the fully possible miniature.
4. Instructions for the correct assembly of the fully possible miniature / anatomical correct and scaled guidelines – in order to avoid anatomical mistakes.

The “Michael Kontraros – Ultimate Anatomy Kit” will be available in the accurate scales of 75 mm, 54 mm and for the first time 40mm and in male and female sets.

This project is currently on indieGoGo and for more details of the campaign, click HERE.

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