August 25, 2016

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Woodland Scenics Revolutionary Shaper Sheets for Layouts, Dioramas & Displays

Woodland Scenics has produced  a revolutionary product for making terrain quickly and easily. This innovative material is called Shaper Sheet and comes in two sizes. Use this unique material to model all types of terrain. The strong, pliable sheet can be shaped and reshaped to create any level of detail and it holds its form without any understructure. This material is formulated to mechanically bond with the plaster to create a thin, hard shell ready for landscaping and Woodland has come up with Shaper Sheet Plaster which offers an extended working time and turns Shaper Sheet into a permanent, hard surface. The longer working time makes Shaper Sheet Plaster ideal for covering large projects. Shaper Sheets and Shaper Sheet Plaster are ideal for layouts, dioramas, displays and arts & crafts.
Available to order on our website by clicking HERE

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Tools & Adhesives
Complete Terrain System: The Terrain System includes all the products you need to model realistic terrain. These products all work together to make it easy to build any type of terrain for your layouts, displays and other projects.
Terrain Details: A wide range of options for detailing terrain.


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