January 06, 2015

Product Spotlight: The Best of 2014- Aces High Magazine

ACES HIGH burst on the scene in the Spring of 2014 and quickly became one of our best selling periodicals. Part of the AK Interactive family of modeling products Aces High is a new high quality magazine dedicated to the world of scale model aircraft and the techniques used to create stunning models. With a special and thematic structure for each issue, some of the best modelers in the world under the direction of editor, Daniel Zamarbide, who is a renowned aircraft modeler in his own right. show in step by step detail the secrets and the best techniques in scale aircraft modeling.

The Premier first issue is dedicated to the WWII German Night Fighters, with extra pages and many surprises.

The company line-
The people involved in this publication, range from professional modelers to historians, illustrators and militarists, fascinated by the aircraft world. Therefore, within our articles, we illustrate the perfect techniques for painting and weathering etc. and include a little of the history that surrounds the theme. Aces High aims to be a magazine from which you can both learn and enjoy this hobby at the highest level and with great passion. 

Aces High Magazine Issue 2 is dedicated to the aircraft of the Great War in both 1/48th & 1/32nd scale and shows in detail the effects such as wood and fabric, how to easily reproduce rigging and weathering effects for WWI aircraft.
Highlights include: 
Possibly the most eye-catching aircraft of World War One, the AMC DH.2, is the subject of a spectacular build from Jose M. Fernández, who makes perfect use of the excellent Wingnut Wings kit in 1/32 scale.
This issue will be devoted to WWI aircraft in both 1/48th & 1/32nd scale and will show in detail the effects such as wood and fabric, easily reproduce rigging and weathering effects for Great War aircraft

Miguel Morales builds Eduard’s 1/48 kit of the Fokker Dr.I, which was the favorite workhorse of many aces of the Luftstreitkräfte. Although the scheme he has chosen is not the one of the famous Red Baron’s mount, its complexity gives the model an attractive, predatory appearance.

Another Wingnut Wings gem in 1/32 scale comes from Juan Manuel Villegas Castro, who represents a Sopwith Pup in service with RNAS, reproducing heavy weathering which is rarely seen in aircraft of this era.

Aces High Magazine Issue 3:
The Empire of Japan
The third issue of Aces High Magazine takes you on a journey to the Far East with in-depth coverage to models depicting Japanese aircraft used during World War Two, including the legendary Zero, in two of its best-known variants; a 1/32 A6M5 and 1/72 A6M2. These two key aircraft are complemented by the excellent renditions of another two famous fighters; the J2M3 Raiden and Ki-61 Hien, both in 1/32 scale; and a rarely seen 1/48 Ki-51 Sonia, in a very original camouflage scheme. This issue's figure painting article is a Kamikaze pilot. And the vehicle is a 1/48 Type 95 Kurogane light utility vehicle.

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