January 30, 2015

New Book for Vintage Plastic Collectors: Herald Civilian Models The Golden Years

If you are a collector European plastic and Herald in particular then Herald Civilian Models The Golden Years by Barney Brown and Peter Cole, with foreword by James Opie in the book for you. It is 144 pages, landscape format, over 200 colour photos, printed on quality paper with laminated silk limp-back cover. Chapters include Wild West, Ballet, Robin Hood, Trojan Warriors, Cavaliers & Roundheads, National Dancers, Polar Explorers, Point of Sale Material. Features colour variations, packaging, plasticine masters, test-shots, Roy Selwyn-Smith archive items, rarity rating, etc. A must for any Herald toy soldier and figure collector. The book is a Plastic Warrior publication and be ordered by clicking Here

January 28, 2015

Links & Web Gems: Figure Painter Magazine Issue 21 Now Available

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 21
Is Now Available for Download

from the publisher...
Happy New Year to everyone and we hope you had a good Christmas Break. Our reviewers have been very busy unwrapping all their presses and hitting the keyboards to bring you a bumper crop of reviews for this issue. We also have tutorials from Marko Paunovic, David Powell and Alfonso ‘banshee’ Giraldes. We then take a closer look at Ultimate Sanding Sticks and the Molten Metal paints from Darkstar Miniatures. plus we have great interviews with Alex Alex ‘Iguazzu’ Varela and John Keys. Plus all the latest news, new releases and much, much more.

STILL THE BEST DEAL ON THE WEB! FPM is available as a downloaded PDF for less then $2.00 a copy.  FPM is a independent magazine dedicated to sculpting, painting, displaying, collecting and gaming with miniature figures from all genre's. The magazine has details on new releases, reviews, interviews with the industries top painters and sculptors, show reports, tutorials and a user gallery.

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Random Funny Stuff 28jan2015
"VIETNAM PARTY" 1/35th Scale Diorama by Jose Brito
Daily Dose 28jan2015
Art of the Toy Soldier A 'Retro' Dose for 28jan2015

January 27, 2015

The Marines Have Landed! Austin Miniatures Goes WW2!

Austin MIniatures 1/32nd Scale Plastic
Making their debut at the Chicago Toy Soldier show were the new WWII Marines from Austin Miniatures. Dan was kind enough to send a bag our way and I have to admit these are really nice figures. There are 6 poses and 12 figures per bag and if my ciphering is correct that makes 2 of each pose. View & Order Here

Here's a Sneak peek at the upcoming Austin Japanese Set
Pre-order HERE

January 25, 2015

Product Spotlight: Black Hawk City - Old West Boom Town!

Black Hawk Toy Soldier- Black Hawk City
The American frontier comprises the geography, history, folklore, and cultural expression of life in the western American expansion that began with English colonial settlements in the early 17th century and ended with the assimilation of the last mainland territories into states in the early 20th century. In the second half of the nineteenth century, the media focused on the Wild West and it became a very popular subject. The story of the American frontier is a tale of conquest, survival, persistence, and merging of peoples and cultures that will gave birth to the United States of America. As the American frontier passed into history, the myths of the West in fiction and film took firm hold in the imagination of Americans and foreigners alike. America is exceptional in choosing its iconic self-image.

The charm of the Old West comes alive at the Black Hawk City. Experience life in the style of the Wild West, where gunslingers have showdowns, and fur trappers, cowboys, soldiers, prospectors, miners, and gamblers enjoy themselves in the Long Horn Saloon. All in 54mm, hand assembled and painted glory.

BHT-FW-0501 Long Horn Saloon
BHT-FW-0502 Sheriffs Office w/figures 
BHT-FW-0503 Accessories 
BHT-FW-0504BK Standing Horse Black 
BHT-FW-0504BY Standing Horse Bay 
BHT-FW-0504PT Standing Horse Paint 
BHT-FW-0504WE Standing Horse White 

January 19, 2015

A Daily Dose for 19january2015

Rifle For A Scalp 1759 
54mm scratch built by by Claudio Clementi
The Art of the of the Toy Soldier!
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Took a minute to get this one and if you don't have an iPhone
you probably never will.

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January 14, 2015

FIGURE OF THE WEEK #72: Big Joe, Crapgame, Oddball & Kelly

I need fifteen Thompson’s, two thirty calibre machine guns, two Bazookas, two field radios and rations and equipment for a platoon of men in the field for three days…” 

Yup those lovable lunks from Kelly's Heroes have been immortalized in lead by none other then King & Country as... ah hmmm the “Gang of Heroes”. A name that is more then likely a licensing end-around then a uninspired name. Regardless  of the name this is a great set of figures from one of the all time classic movies. Rumors abound that a movie Sherman and Tiger tank are in works too. If you love the figures better grab a set before cease & desists start flying!

January 11, 2015

Links & Web Jems & Other Digital Delights: Braille Scale Modeling Tutorial e- Book

Braille Scale Modelling By Sven-Åke Grufstedt

This is a Braille scale modeling how-to book. The content focuses mainly on finishing, and spans on everything from pre-shading techniques to pigments and oil weathering. It also covers the hairspray and salt chipping techniques. The book format is flawless. From design, layout to photographic quality.

The book is available to view free HERE
You can Download a pdf  immediately HERE

About Sven-Åke Grufstedt
One of my biggest passions in life is modelling small scale armor. I also love to share the techniques I have learned over the years with other modellers. I have written smaller articles on the subject before and I also write for a modelling magazine but one day a good friend suggested that I should write a book about the subject and after a couple of months of hard labour it is finally done!

January 09, 2015

Art Imitates Life - A collection of Dioramas, Figures and Models that were inspired by original photographs and illustrations

Came across the posts on Military Modelling and Planet Figure sites by gothic geek (Mark Bennette) on his painting of the box art for the Stormtroopers kit based on the John "Barney" Hines image below.. This is a fantastic kit from the 1/9th Pedestal Piece series from StormtroopersFollow the links above to see this beautiful work of art in Step-by-Step process by gothic geek. To view our Art Imitates Life gallery of similar works click HERE

 The "Wild Eye", "Souvenir King"
John "Barney" Hines (1873–1958) was a British-born Australian soldier of World War I, known for his prowess at collecting 'souvenirs' from German soldiers. Hines was the subject of a famous photo taken by Frank Hurley which depicted him surrounded by the loot he had captured during the Battle of Polygon Wood in September 1917. In the image he is counting money stolen from German POWs, wearing a German Army field cap and sitting amidst German weapons and personal equipment.

Hines' enthusiasm for collecting German military equipment and German soldiers' personal possessions became well known and earned him the nickname of "Souvenir King". While he collected some items from battlefields at Ypres and the Somme region, most were stolen from German prisoners of war. He kept the items he collected for himself, and there are no records of any being handed over to the Australian War Records Section, the AIF unit responsible for collecting items for later display in Australia. Hines sold some of the items he collected to other soldiers, including for alcohol. The photograph of Hines at the Battle of Polygon Wood was published in late 1917 under the title Wild Eye, the souvenir king and became one of the best-known Australian photographs of the war. Many soldiers identified with Hines and were amused by his collection of souvenirs. The photograph was used as propaganda, and a false story developed that the German Kaiser Wilhelm II had become enraged after seeing it.

Born in Liverpool, England in 1873, Hines served in the Royal Navy and King's Liverpool Regiment, as well as working in several different occupations. He arrived in Australia shortly before World War I began and volunteered for the Australian Imperial Force in August 1915. Although discharged due to poor health in early 1916, he rejoined in August that year and served on the Western Front from March 1917 to mid-1918 when he was discharged again for health reasons. Following World War I, Hines lived in poverty on the outskirts of Sydney until his death in 1958.

A Daily Dose for 09january2015

Beautifully rendered bust of a German MP &
his dog by artist/modeler Andy Leffler
A vintage Marx Blue & Gray Playset on a diorama base
made by Battle Boards. Plastic makes perfect! 
I hate this guy...
Actung Doggie!

January 07, 2015

A Daily Dose for 07january2015

The Art of the of the Toy Soldier...
These AIrfix 54mm plastic cowboys are among my all time favorites. 
Mind Blowing 54mm Napoleonic Diorama by an unknown artist.
A 'Retro' Dose for 07jan2015

Ken Osen created this 1/30th scale diorama which is of the most accurate depictions of Rorke's Drift ever made. If you were lucky enough to attend the Chicago Toy Soldier show last year this was featured in the W Britains room and has since been sold to a private collector. 
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January 06, 2015

A Daily Dose for 06january2015

Panzerfaust! A beautiful 1/35th scale winter diorama.
A Daily Quote for 06jan2015
The Art of the of the Toy Soldier! A Daily Dose for 06jan2015
Cool little 28mm WWI diorama by an unknown gamer

Product Spotlight: The Best of 2014- Aces High Magazine

ACES HIGH burst on the scene in the Spring of 2014 and quickly became one of our best selling periodicals. Part of the AK Interactive family of modeling products Aces High is a new high quality magazine dedicated to the world of scale model aircraft and the techniques used to create stunning models. With a special and thematic structure for each issue, some of the best modelers in the world under the direction of editor, Daniel Zamarbide, who is a renowned aircraft modeler in his own right. show in step by step detail the secrets and the best techniques in scale aircraft modeling.

The Premier first issue is dedicated to the WWII German Night Fighters, with extra pages and many surprises.

The company line-
The people involved in this publication, range from professional modelers to historians, illustrators and militarists, fascinated by the aircraft world. Therefore, within our articles, we illustrate the perfect techniques for painting and weathering etc. and include a little of the history that surrounds the theme. Aces High aims to be a magazine from which you can both learn and enjoy this hobby at the highest level and with great passion. 

Aces High Magazine Issue 2 is dedicated to the aircraft of the Great War in both 1/48th & 1/32nd scale and shows in detail the effects such as wood and fabric, how to easily reproduce rigging and weathering effects for WWI aircraft.
Highlights include: 
Possibly the most eye-catching aircraft of World War One, the AMC DH.2, is the subject of a spectacular build from Jose M. Fernández, who makes perfect use of the excellent Wingnut Wings kit in 1/32 scale.
This issue will be devoted to WWI aircraft in both 1/48th & 1/32nd scale and will show in detail the effects such as wood and fabric, easily reproduce rigging and weathering effects for Great War aircraft

Miguel Morales builds Eduard’s 1/48 kit of the Fokker Dr.I, which was the favorite workhorse of many aces of the Luftstreitkräfte. Although the scheme he has chosen is not the one of the famous Red Baron’s mount, its complexity gives the model an attractive, predatory appearance.

Another Wingnut Wings gem in 1/32 scale comes from Juan Manuel Villegas Castro, who represents a Sopwith Pup in service with RNAS, reproducing heavy weathering which is rarely seen in aircraft of this era.

Aces High Magazine Issue 3:
The Empire of Japan
The third issue of Aces High Magazine takes you on a journey to the Far East with in-depth coverage to models depicting Japanese aircraft used during World War Two, including the legendary Zero, in two of its best-known variants; a 1/32 A6M5 and 1/72 A6M2. These two key aircraft are complemented by the excellent renditions of another two famous fighters; the J2M3 Raiden and Ki-61 Hien, both in 1/32 scale; and a rarely seen 1/48 Ki-51 Sonia, in a very original camouflage scheme. This issue's figure painting article is a Kamikaze pilot. And the vehicle is a 1/48 Type 95 Kurogane light utility vehicle.