June 27, 2014

New Lower pricing on AK Interactive Products

We have just finished reorganizing and updating our AK Interactive products with new lower pricing. Prices have been reduced 10-20% on the range and... if you are a registered user (aka Preferred Customer) on our site you will get an additional 10% off all purchases. 

June 26, 2014

Paint Away the Lazy Days of Summer with New Vallejo Paint Sets!

Vallejo Stahlhelm Series
The first two sets in the latest Vallejo range Stahlhelm Series paint sets are now available. These are designed by Jaume Ortiz, a worldwide recognized painter of WWII German subjects. Each set includes detailed step-by-step leaflets that will guide you through the process and will provide useful hints and tricks. The Waffen-SS set even includes some new formulated colors made for the set.

VLJ-P70180 WWII German Waffen SS Camouflage

VLJ-P70181 WWII German Field Grey Uniforms

Vallejo War Games Paint Series
Two more sets** have been released in the  range Vallejo War Game Paint Series, which includes 6 x 6 color nation sets and 2 x 8 color basics sets: British Infantry, German Infantry, German Armor, German SS, Soviet Infantry, US Infantry, Infantry Basics and Vehicle Basics.

These sets all contain standard Model Color paints but are packaged in convenient matched sets that take the guess work out of choosing the correct colors. Each box comes with an illustrated paint guide (using Plastic Soldier Company miniatures) so you can get your armies on the table and flogging it out! Perfect for any gaming system such as Flames of War, Battlegroup or Bolt Action or any WW2 scale for that matter. The 8 color basics sets are perfect for the essential colors needed to paint any WW2 vehicle or figure when combine with the 6 color nation sets.

VLJ-P70153 War Games Paint Series - WWII British Paint Set 
VLJ-P70154 War Games Paint Series - WWII German Infantry 
VLJ-P70158 War Games Paint Series - WWII German SS 
VLJ-P70159 War Games Paint Series - WWII Soviet Army 
VLJ-P70160 War Games Paint Series - WWII US Infantry 
**VLJ-P70156 War Games Paint Series - WWII Infantry Basic 
**VLJ-P70157 War Games Paint Series - WWII Vehicle Basic

The Vallejo AFV Armour Painting System expands with the addition of three new sets.
VLJ-78412 US Vietnam Olive Drab AFV Paint Set 
VLJ-78413 NATO Armour Camouflage Colors Set 
VLJ-78414 German Camouflage 1943-44 Colors Set

The AFV Painting Systems from Vallejo are complete sets of paints and weathering products designed to give contrast to any build by using different shadings of colors to manipulate light and shadow to increase the depth resulting in a more realistic outcome to the finished model. The AFV Painting Systems consist of the seven sets of paint along with two weathering sets aimed to support two paint sets each. Each of the painting system sets are designed to be a complete set of paints to adequately prime, paint and seal any model within the scope of the individualized set color format
View & Order All New Vallejo

June 22, 2014

Figure of the Week #59: General Custer by Atlantic

This week (June 25th) marks the anniversary of the Battle of the Little Bighorn or Custer's Last Stand so what better way to highlight this then with a FOTW featuring Custer himself. What we have here is the Atlantic 60mm, soft plastic Custer of 1970s-80s vintage. He is one of the great figures from the boxed General Custer set pictured below depicting the famous Last Stand. No matter that Custer was not a general by the time of the Little Bighorn we love Atlantic and their unique Far West series anyway. There are also several great sets of Indians for what good is a Last Stand if no one is attacking you? 
Note: Atlantic sets were issued unpainted and these have been pro painted in acrylics. 

Atlantic was an Italian maker producing most all of their figures in both 60 and 25mm. In their 60mm themed western sets you would typically get between 8 to 12 unique poses and often some accompanying accessory pieces. Atlantic was imported extensively through the USA and could be found in hobby shops everywhere before its demise in the 1980s. Atlantic western figures were copied by the South American company Gulliver and issued both painted and unpainted but these figures are somewhat smaller due to copying form the originals.

Join the Fun! Have a favorite figure? Send us a good image of it along with a brief description and become one of our Figure of the Week contributors. Email you submissions to michtoystaff@michtoy.com. If your figure is chosen you will receive a special promo code for a nice discount on your next order with us as well as our eternal gratitude.

June 19, 2014

Napoleon's Retreat 1812 By Black Hawk Toy Soldier

Napoleon's Retreat 1812 is the new 18 piece range from Black Hawk Toy Soldier depicting the French army's famous winter retreat from Moscow.
Napoleon's Retreat 1812
BHT-BH-1001 Napoleon on Horseback 
BHT-BH-1002 Murat on Horseback 
BHT-BH-1003 Chasseur à Cheval of the Guard 
BHT-BH-1004 Ney on Horseback 
BHT-BH-1005 Polish Lancer on Horseback 
BHT-BH-1006 Cantinière 
BHT-BH-1007 Dragoon with Woman and Child 
BHT-BH-1008 Sapper with Child 
BHT-BH-1009 Walking Grenadier of the Guard 
BHT-BH-1010 Walking Hussar 
BHT-BH-1011 Eagle Bearer 
BHT-BH-1012 Grenadier Drummer 
BHT-BH-1013 Walking Cuirassier with Horse 
BHT-BH-1014 Walking Infantryman 
BHT-BH-1015 Dead Infantryman 
BHT-BH-1016 Surrounded by Wolves 
BHT-BH-1017 Cossack Charge 

Black Hawk Toy Soldier is an exciting company from Andrea Miniatures of Spain offering the finest in pre-finished historical miniatures. Backed by Andrea's 30 years in the historical figure market these are the most historically accurate, true 54mm hand painted pewter figures available today. Unique to Black Hawk Toy Soldier is that each series is designed to be a self contained range that offers a complete representation of the period being recreated either as one large diorama or a series of small vignettes with the series.

June 16, 2014

Links, Facebook Finds & Web Gems: Don Troiani Historical Artist

There are a number of great historical artists, but with the exception of Don Troiani they are all long dead. The distinguishing feature of Troiani's work is its magnificent detail, the accuracy of which is simply astounding. On top of that, he can capture the very wind of a bullet and make you flinch. With their Renaissance realism, historical accuracy, and sheer beauty, Troiani's paintings are an education and a delight.

Don Troiani is a soul lost in time; a twentieth century artist to whom the life of the common soldier of the American Revolution through the Civil War is as familiar and vivid as the surroundings of his Connecticut studio. While there are other painters who have turned their attention to historical art, none have done so with the enthusiasm, insight and historical accuracy of this accomplished recorder of drama and detail. 

In the spirit of presenting historical truth through art, Don Troiani has personally set uncompromising standards of excellence and authenticity in his field that few others can equal. Models are chosen with the greatest care to achieve the proper look of the men in Colonial and Victorian America. The garb and gear of each figure are painstakingly researched. Period settings are found and researched, sometimes sending the artist hundreds of miles from home to examine battlefields and structures firsthand. Because of the great amount of research that goes into one of his works, it is often years between a painting's conception and the actual moment the brush is put to canvas. 

Indeed, Troiani's lifelong focus on America's military heritage enables him to present that subject with credibility second to none. For a quarter century he has methodically built one of the great private artifact collections of Civil War, 1812 and Revolutionary War, World War II uniforms, equipage, insignia and weapons which he calls on to add the unique dimension of realism he is so well known for. An expert researcher with a personal military library of thousands of volumes, he is assisted in his search for the truth by a select network of advanced collectors, curators and historians whom he corresponds with regularly and who open their own collections and archives to him.

June 08, 2014

Get Your AMMO Organized!

A handy bench organizer highlights the June releases from AMMO of MIG. Two burning agents, a new Rust primer and paint sets for Tire & Tracks and Rust Effects round out another excellent release from this new company.

A.MIG-8001 Workbench Organizer
The easiest way to organize paints and brushes in your workbench for the specific requirements of each project. Workbench Organizer includes 12 holes for brushes, 21 spaces for 17 mL acrylic jars (25 mm width) and 17 holes for 35 and 60 mL jars (35 mm width). Dimensions: 14.5 cm (depth) x 9.5 cm (tall) x 40 cm (high) Easy to assembled in just few second.

A.MIG-2006 Rust Surface Primer 60ml Bottle 
Water based primer in a dark brown rust color perfectly suited for use under all types of paints. This primer has excellent adhesion properties and soft-satin finish ensures that paint will grip perfectly and every surface detail will remain crisp and clean. It’s perfect for use as base on rust effects or to chip later colors showing rust chippings.

A.MIG-2020 Effects: Burnishing Agent for Metallic Tracks
Burnishing agent for white metal tracks of any brand. In just few minutes you can blacken metallic tracks in a realistic dark rust color. The result is also matt, durable, and permanent so it is the perfect base for later treatments with pigments or paints.

A.MIG-2021 Effects: Burnishing Agent for Photo Etch and Brass Barrels
Burnishing agent for photo etch parts and brass barrels. Instant blackening for turned brass barrels and photo etch within about 3-5 minutes. Photo etch Burnishing Fluid also blackens tin solder used for soldering Photo-etch for a uniform effect.

A.MIG-7105 Acrylic Paint Set: Tires and Tracks 6 x 17ml Bottles
Acrylic set for painting rubber tires and tracks for all vehicles. This set includes two rubber tones, A.MIG-032 Satin Black for new tires and rubber surfaces, and A.MIG-033 Rubber & Tires for old rubber surfaces. Use A.MIG-034 Rust Tracks and A.MIG-035 Dark Tracks to paint tracks of all kinds. This set also includes A.MIG-072 Dust and A.MIG-073 Earth to add dirt effects on the wheels and trucks. All products are acrylic and are formulated for maximum performance both with brush or airbrush with the Scale Effect Reduction, which allows us to apply the correct color on our models. Each jar includes a stainless steel agitator for quick and convenient color mixture, even and consistency. Water soluble, odorless and non-toxic. Shake well before each use. We recommend A.MIG -2000 Acrylic Thinner for a correct thinning. Dries completely in 24 hours.

A.MIG-7106 Acrylic Paint Set: Rust Effects Colors 6 x 17ml Bottles
Acrylic water based paint set for rust, chipping, and all types of corrosion effects. The set includes five rusty tones with a matt finish to create a rusty surface. It also includes A.Mig-044 which is a helpful dark brown color in a satin finish to obtain dark/rusted steel chipping effects for tanks and any other kind of steel vehicles. All products are acrylic and are formulated for maximum performance both with brush or airbrush, which allows us to apply the correct color on our model easily. Each jar includes a stainless steel agitator for quick and convenient color mixture, even and consistency. Water soluble, odorless, and non-toxic. Shake well before each use. We recommend MIG -2000 Acrylic Thinner for a correct thinning. Dries completely in 24 hours.

Mosey On Over For Complete Details By Clicking Here 

Hats Off to the 8 New 1/72nd Scale Plastic Sets from Hat Industrie

The endlessly prolific Hat Industries has released eight new sets expanding the WWI range with two sets, WWII with two and the Napoleonic range with four sets. Spain's Napoleonic armies and the the Peninsular War have a nice boost with the recent release of the new Emhar sets.

HTI-8275 WWI Belgian Carabinier Bicycle Infantry
3 sprues containg 12 Figures in 4 poses. 2 figures have poseable arms for variety

HTI-8276 WWI German Jaeger Bicycle Infantry
3 sprues containg 12 Figures in 4 poses. 2 figures have poseable arms for variety

HTI-8277 WWII German Bicycle Infantry 
3 sprues containg 12 Figures in 4 poses. 2 figures have poseable arms for variety

HTI-8278 WWII Japanese Bicycle Infantry
3 sprues containg 12 Figures in 4 poses. 2 figures have poseable arms for variety

HTI-8300 Napoleonic Spanish Light Infantry
4 sprues containg 32 figures in 6 poses

HTI-8301 Napoleonic Spanish Grenadiers 
4 sprues containg 48 figures in 8 poses

HTI-8302 Napoleonic Line Infantry 
4 sprues containg 40 figures in 10 poses 

HTI-8303 Napoleonic Spanish Command
4 sprues containg 40 figures in 10 poses 

Mosey On Over For Complete Details By Clicking Here

June 05, 2014

Product Spotlight: Micro Stix Adhesive Tip Applicators

Here’s a great little product if ever I saw one; what you have here are lots of small sticks with a blob at one end (which resembles that clear gummy glue that’s used to glue samples into magazines) that is capable of sticking to small parts and transferring them to your model. The concept behind the Micro Stix is to provide a small disposable adhesive tip applicator to place fragile parts while gluing or holding parts for detail work.  This is very clever for many reasons, firstly because it can be very tricky using tweezers to transfer small parts from your workbench to your model. You simply pick up your part using the handle and gently press the Micro Stix blobby end against your part and it will hold securely enough to be transferred to its intended location. 
    These are small sticks, roughly four inches long, with a small blob of sticky material on the end. There are two colors of sticks: green and blue. The green is labeled "Smart Hold", while the blue is "Original Hold". The difference is the amount of stickiness found in the blob at the end. The Original Hold Stix has a stronger hold, while the Smart Hold Stix has less stick. Each has its application, and both will be useful on the workbench.
    The adhesive is “pressure sensitive” which means that it sticks tighter the more pressure you use. The instructions state that you are to pick something up, place it where you want, and twist the stick to release it. I was curious about the adhesive as it sort of “gets dirty” as it’s used. Can they be renewed by a quick rinse in the sink? Nope. Rinsing the Micro Stix just got it wet. And it seems that these sticks are really sticky for a while and then they get unsticky pretty fast as they pick up debris. They are disposable, of course, so this is expected. And you get a lot of life out of one stick. 
    Micro Stix come in a package of 16 sticks and the packaging is brilliant. You can take out one stick as needed and close the rest up securely, keeping the package dust free. It closes securely so you can stick these in a drawer or hang on a hook in your workshop and not have packaging hanging open.
   Micro Stix is an absolute boon to anyone working with models and figures as they worked exactly as promised.

Micro Stix Strong Hold Adhesive Tip Applicators
HSX-0030 Micro Stix Strong Hold Adhesive Tip Applicator (16) 
HSX-0031 Micro Stix Quick Release Adhesive Tip Applicator (16) 

June 01, 2014

Links & Web Gems: Figure Painter Magazine Issue 13

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 13

From the publisher-
Figure Painter Magazine issue 13; our birthday issue and we have something pretty special to celebrate this – a superb insight interview with one of my all-time favourite sculptors and painters Alfonso Giraldes. That’s not all – Alfonso has also written us an amazing tutorial about how he painted the subject of our cover, the Abyssal Warlord for Scale 75! Considering this is our birthday issue, we haven’t stopped there. Polish paint studio Awaken Realms have also written us a tutorial on how they painted their recent piece “Lord of Change”. We also have all of our usual articles, including a great “What’s on the Market” and reviews of miniatures from Sergeant BlackArt, Draconia and Romain Van den Bogaert’s as well as Hangar 18 Miniatures photo backdrops and Minitaire Paints from Badger Air-Brush Co. where 2 people will also have the chance of winning a set of 12 paints.

FPM Bundle: Issues 1 to 12. A fantastic deal if you you'd like to catch up on past issues. 

STILL THE BEST DEAL ON THE WEB! FPM is available as a downloaded PDF for less then $2.00 a copy.  FPM is a independent magazine dedicated to sculpting, painting, displaying, collecting and gaming with miniature figures from all genre's. The magazine has details on new releases, reviews, interviews with the industries top painters and sculptors, show reports, tutorials and a user gallery.