December 19, 2014

Product Spotlight: The Best of 2014- Expeditionary Force for the Discerning Plastic Collector

Singapore based Expeditionary Force exploded onto the plastic scene in late 2013 and is  already quite a prolific plastic soldier manufacture. The current range includes the American Civil War, Ancient Greeks & Persians and 14th Century Knights. Each set comes in a deluxe four color box and each figure is packaged individually within the box. Each set contains extra plug-in multi-pose heads, arms and weapons allowing for a unique and large number of pose variations. The 54mm ACW range is compatible with figures from Marx, Imex, Accurate, Cunnyngham, Hat and others while the 60mm Ancients are scaled to be compatible with Conte Ancients. 2015 will bring new ranges of World War Ii and Napoleonic figures.

Why do Expeditionary Force sets cost more then other brands on the market?
In my mind the correct answer is historical accuracy, quality & versatility!

Scott Lam the owner of the company puts it this way....
In the trade-off between costs and quality/quantity, my preference is to emphasize quality while hopefully still keeping the cost of a model affordable to the more discerning type of customers. A thing of beauty is a pleasure for always. Within my team, we are in complete understanding that we are actually not producing toy soldiers for children but model soldiers for historical collectors. The research and action poses took up a lot of design time, tooling space and thus costs. We knew we would be in a niche market for people who like mini-sculptures of historical subjects rather than disposable toys for children. Our target customers are adults, and specifically, not for children under 14 years of age.

ACW C.S.A. Zouaves

EXP-54ACW-CS-SHL C.S. Militia Infantry in Shell Jackets 
EXP-54ACW-CS-ZVE C.S. Zouaves

ACW U.S.A. Militia
EXP-54ACW-US-SHL U.S. Militia Infantry in Shell Jackets
EXP-54ACW-US-ZVE U.S. Zouaves

English Foot Knights

14th Century English Army
in Dark Metallic Armor
EXP-HYW-01-B Archers & Billmen
EXP-HYW-02-B Crossbowmen & Pavisiers 
EXP-HYW-03-B Dismounted Men-at-Arms & Armati
EXP-HYW-04-B Free Companies
EXP-HYW-05-B Hobilars & Mounted Sergeants
EXP-HYW-06-B Knights & Men-at-Arms
EXP-HYW-07-B Knight Command in Dark Metallic Armor
EXP-HYW-ENGBUNDLE English Army Bundle-Save-All 7 Sets
French Mounted Knights

14th Century French Army
in Light Metallic Armor
EXP-HYW-01-W Archers & Billmen
EXP-HYW-02-W Crossbowmen & Pavisiers 
EXP-HYW-03-W Dismounted Men-at-Arms & Armati
EXP-HYW-04-W Free Companies
EXP-HYW-05-W Hobilars & Mounted Sergeants
EXP-HYW-06-W Knights & Men-at-Arms
EXP-HYW-07-W Knight Command
EXP-HYW-FRENCHBUNDLE 14th Century French Army Bundle-Save-All 7 Set
Also in the Range: Ancient Greeks & Persians
ACW Federal & Confederate Infantry, Artillery & Cavalry
View Complete Expeditionary Force Listings HERE

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