December 20, 2014

Product Spotlight: The Best of 2014- Painting Wargame Tanks by Ruben Torregrosa

The definitive guide to paint Wargames armored vehicles by the hands of the famous Ruben Torregrosa aka Heresybrush and Mig Jimenez. Through its pages you will discover, in a very visual and easy manner, how to get the results you want in your vehicles, since the book adapts to the needs of each modeler. From a basic guide of materials, through painting a tank in an easy but effective way, to obtaining the best possible professional finish. The ultimate tool to make your tanks the highlight of the tabletop.

From Ruben
I am thrilled to tell you that my book Painting Wargaming Tanks has been published by AMMO of MIG. The book is 96 pages. It starts with an introduction to the different materials I use (eg. acrylic paints and enamels), explains the differences between a filter and a wash, how to clean your airbrush and some other basic techniques to help understand the rest of the book. The book contains ten "step by step" articles to paint German, American and Russian WWII tanks in small scale. The first three tutorials are a little more basic, with the idea of assimilating the different techniques you can use. While the remaining seven are more detailed with more complex effects being applied. The idea is to show some range of possibilities for painting small scale tanks. The book uses 15mm Flames of War and The Plastic Soldier Company tanks as example but also can be used for1/72nd scale too.

Visit the Heresybrush website to see more of Ruben's work.

Carsten Schwejda (The Tightheadprop) has prepared a video review of the book ’’Painting Wargame Tanks’’ from Ammo of MIG

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