December 12, 2014

Links, Web Gems & Other Digital Delights: Battle of Mylae" 260 B.C. in 1/72 scale Michael Rieß

Check out this amazing diorama by Michael Rieß
I have depicted a fight between a Carthaginian and a Roman trireme at the Battle of Mylae in 260 BC, in this diorama. Roman soldiers are storming across their boarding bridge (lat. corvus, engl. raven) for a direct assault on the enemy ship. The Battle of Mylae took place in the First Punic War, it ended with a Roman victory. I used two Trireme kits and several packages of figures from Zvezda for this big project.

This was posted on the Modellours Workshop blog which has a number of excellent modeling showcases and Step-by-Step articles. There are also five videos showing the making of this piece. While they are in German it is still worth having a look into the process of building a diorama like this. Highly recommended!

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