December 12, 2014

Produce Release News: Perry Miniatures The English Army, Agincourt to Orleans 1415-1429

The latest set of 28mm plastics from the Perry Brothers The English Army Agincourt to Orleans 1415-1429 is now available. The set consists of 36 figures; 12 Men at Arms, 24 Archers, 24 stakes  unit bases, 17 banners, 6 standards and a painting guide.

The English Army 1415-1429 - Order Here

From the Manufacture:
The figures in this box represent the English Army at the height of the Hundred Years War, when the English bowmen dominated the field of battle in France. Specifically the figures cover the period from the Battle of Agincourt (in 1415, when they were led by Henry V) to the Siege of Orleans (1429, when the French were led by Joan of Arc) which became the turning point of the war. All the Men at Arms are represented in the full plate harness which was now the norm for gentry, as with the metal range, they cover the first flowering of real full plate armour. This being mostly rounded and 'globular'. Although they are described these as English they could be used as French too. The only differences being the English tending to fight in 'white' uncovered armour a little more more than the French. With armour styles the box covers the main types used during these 14 years. Things changed quite fast especially with the basinets at this time. More plates were being added to the basic basinet with aventail until the aventail disappeared altogether and you had the full great basinet. The hound skull visors also became globular during this period.

Shields for Men at Arms had more or less been dropped from use in the field as the armour became more complete, so there’s only one on the sprue (2 per box). All the visors are separate as is the 'orle' or decorated circlet which was typically English. Two of the bodies have jupons and the other four are in 'white' armour. These designed these so some of the arms from the Wars of the Roses sets are interchangeable, the shoulders are the same width at least. So with some of the 'white' armoured bodies (i.e. the ones in the great basinets) you should be able to bridge the 1440’s with the WotR arms.

The archers are represented in padded aketons, nocking, drawing and loosing as a cohesive body. We’ve included a few pairs for arms for close combat too. 

PRM-WR001 Wars of the Roses Infantry 1455-1487
PRM-WR002 Wars of the Roses Mercenaries- European Infantry 1450-1500 
PRM-WR003 Wars of the Roses Mounted Men at Arms 1450-1500 (12 mounted figures) 
PRM-WR050 Foot Knights 1450-1500

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