November 15, 2014

MTSC Product Spotlight: Game Effects by Acrylicos Vallejo

Ever have those days where you just can't quite get that vomit to look right? Stumped trying to paint a festering scab? Can't get that white to look rotten enough? And just what is Verdigris anyway? Well apparently the good folks at Acrylicos Vallejo were having these same issues so they turned to Angel Giráldez of Studio Giraldez to help create the all new Game (Color) Effects. These seven new effects are now available as single bottles or as a boxed set with all seven effect colors plus Vallejo Chipping Medium and a special SBS Instruction pamphlet by Angel. By the way Angel also collaborated with Vallejo on the Non Metallic Metal ‘NMM’ Set issued in 2013. By the way...Verdigris is green or bluish patina formed on copper, brass, or bronze surfaces exposed to the atmosphere for long periods of time, consisting principally of basic copper sulfate.

Game Effects in 17ml bottles
VLJ-72130 Game Effect Rotten White 
VLJ-72131 Game Effect Rust 
VLJ-72132 Game Effect Flesh Blood 
VLJ-72133 Game Effect Dried Blood 
VLJ-72134 Game Effect Vomit 
VLJ-72135 Game Effect Verdigris 
VLJ-72136 Game Effect Dry Rust 
VLJ-P72213 Game Color Special Effects Paint Set 

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