November 20, 2014

Figure of the Week #66 Shootin' Cowboy by J.I.M.

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'le cowboy anime tirant réellement des balles'

Is this the first known example of a cowboy with a trench mortar? Is this guy armed with a bazooka? Grenade launcher? Nope! This plastic guy hails from France and was made by the French company J.I.M. in the 1950s. He is billed as 'le cowboy anime tirant reellement des balles' loosely translated as the Cowboy Actually Shooting Bullets. This figure came in a cello bag with a header card and each figure was packaged with a little bag of lead balls that you put down the barrel and shot out by pulling the spring on his back. The poor Indians never stood a chance in any collection containing this bad ass cowboy making him worthy addition to our collection of FOTW!

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