October 28, 2014

"The Lance 1330s" the new Medieval Range from Black Hawk Toy Soldier is Now Available

October brings the new range from Black Hawk...The Lance 1330s
The "Lance" was the basic tactical unit of the European feudal armies as early as the 10th century. It was still in use well into the 15th century, but it was more strictly organized, as a part of the "compagnies d’ordonnance" raised by the French king Charles VII.

The origins of the Lance are found in the retinues of medieval knights. In all probability, these units would be denominated as "Lances" attending to the close association existing between a knight and his signature weapon: the lance.

This Black Hawk presentation is an accomplished depiction of a Lance commanded by a French knight around 1330. He is shown here riding a gaited or amble horse which is trained to move faster than a walk but usually slower than a canter, resulting in a more comfortable ride on the trail. He is accompanied by his lady, which may suggest they are just in the early stages of the cavalcade and that she should be on her way back shortly, as dames were usually not expected to follow their husbands to war.

Just ahead of the knight is the destrier, a stronger horse used in battles and tournaments, led by a page. Following the knight is the loyal squire, carrying his lord’s weapons and pennant. Behind the squire are various men-at-arms, a loaded supply wagon, and even a monk on donkey back, as well as Irish Wolfhound dogs following the troupe…

The Lance 1330s (Series PDF)
BH1101 War Horse And Page
BH1102 Knight
BH1103 Lady
BH1104 Squire
BH1105 Lancer On Horseback
BH1106 Crossbowman On Horseback
BH1107 Monk On Donkey Back
BH1108 Supply Wagon
BH1109 Crossbowman On Foot
BH1110 Axe Soldier
BH1111 Halberdier
BH1112 Irish Wolfhound Dogs (3)

Black Hawk Toy Soldier is an exciting company from Andrea Miniatures of Spain offering the finest in pre-finished historical miniatures. Backed by Andrea's 30 years in the historical figure market these are the most historically accurate, true 54mm hand painted pewter figures available today. Unique to Black Hawk Toy Soldier is that each series is designed to be a self contained range that offers a complete representation of the period being recreated either as one large diorama or a series of small vignettes within the series. View a selection of dioramas created using Black Hawk Toy Soldiers in our Gallery by Clicking Here

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