October 04, 2014

News from The Front: The Chicago OTSN Show 2014

The Chicago Show (aka The OSTN Show) has come and gone. It was another fantastic show although a closed down O'Hare on Friday put a damper on things when many collectors and several dealers were unable to get to the show. For an excellent overview of the show,  Rusty & Kathy Kearns have put up a photo journal of the show on their Playset Magazine website. Naturally slanted towards the 'plastic guys' * it's a great overview of the show. 

* affectionately referred to by many as 'the plastic guys' this is a passionate bunch of collectors who every year manage to brighten up the room trading and show with an unabashed passion for collecting the is second to none. These guys live and breathe their moto 'You had your Childhood - Now Get It Back!'

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