September 19, 2014

Product Spotlight: The Tuaregs by Morgan Miniatures.

The Tuaregs by Morgan Miniatures**

These colorful figures are designed to be used with the Morgan French Foreign Legion figures already released. These FFL figures serve a dual purpose as they can be used for the The Mexican Adventure 1861–67 range or do battle with the Tuaregs in the Sahara of the 19th century. 

 **A MTSC North American Exclusive) 

TUA-001 Tuareg Standing Firing
TUA-002 Tuareg Loading Rifle
TUA-003 Tuareg Attacking with Sword
TUA-004 Tuareg Attacking with Knife (holding rifle)
TUA-005 Tuareg Lunging with Knife (holding rifle)
TUA-006 Tuareg Running with Rifle

In the late 19th century, the Tuareg resisted the French colonial invasion of their Central Saharan homelands. Tuareg broadswords were no match for the more advanced weapons of French troops. After numerous massacres on both sides, the Tuareg were subdued and required to sign treaties in Mali 1905 and Niger 1917. In southern Morocco and Algeria, the French met some of the strongest resistance from the Ahaggar Tuareg. Their Amenokal, traditional chief Moussa ag Amastan, fought numerous battles in defence of the region. Finally, Tuareg territories were taken under French governance, and their confederations were largely dismantled and reorganised.

New Figures in the The Mexican Adventure 1861–67 Series
MRN-TMA020 Captain Danjou of the French Foreign Legion
MRN-TMA021 Mexican Militia Charging with Rifle & Bayonet
MRN-TMA022 Mexican Militia Attacking With Machete 
MRN-TMA023 Mexican Militia Defending with Rifle & Bayonet 

If you are looking for exceptional, truly handmade figures then Morgans are for you. Morgan Miniatures are unique 60mm scale, matt painted, white metal figures from the U.K. No more than 400 painted figures will be available annually. Each figure is individually hand-painted in the connoisseur style and usually no two figures will be painted exactly the same. Currently there are four series. The Conquest of Mexico with Aztecs and Conquistadors, The Mexican Adventure 1861-67, Pirates and the Old West.

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