March 31, 2015

Product Spotlight: Update 31mar2015 - Stormtrooper, 1917 by Andrea Miniatures

PRODUCT UPDATE: Andrea has just posted a new Step-by-Step video to painting a Stormtrooper helmet and head. You can view it below. The May 2015 issue of Scale Military Modeller will contain a complete S-B-S of the entire figure.

The latest WWI figure from Andrea Miniatures is this beautiful 90mm WWI German Stormtrooper, 1917. This white metal kit come with  20 parts including gas mask lenses and 2 gas mask canisters and 2 heads...which I've been told are better then one. Have a look below at the Unboxing video provided by Andrea. View Andrea Item No. S8-F57

The accompanying book...

Sturmtruppen WWI German Stormtroopers (1914-1918) from Andrea Press. 



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