August 31, 2014

Figure(s) of the Week #62: Atlantic Sioux Camp in 1/72nd Scale

Atlantic Sioux Camp
1/72nd scale plastic, 1st issued in 1976
Atlantic was an Italian toy manufacturing company based in Treviglio, Italy from 1966 to 1984. In the 1970s it became widely popular both in Italy, the USA and in Europe as a producer of both 1/72 "HO" and 1/32 54-60mm plastic polyethylene figures. The company issued a large number of popular sets based on the American Old West including cowboys, trappers, miners and indians.

Having produced a camp set for the Apaches in 1975, Atlantic followed it up in 1976 with one for the Sioux. The four figures featured here are from the 1/72nd scale version of this set which contained a total of 9 figures in 9 poses and a teepee. The overall standard of sculpting is noticeably better than the earlier sets, including the Apache Camp, and there is little problem with flash and mould marks. The detail is nicely done and clear, and these are certainly some of the better Native Americans produced by Atlantic. However the historical accuracy leaves much to be desired but like most Atlantic figures there is a curtain indescribable charm to them if looked as a toy than a serious reflection of native life. 

Atlantic ceased creating new lines in 1978; for a few years, it marketed reprints of its classical lines (mostly in 1/32 scale) made with plastic leftovers and sold in cheaper packages. By 1984 all production had ceased. Reportedly, most Atlantic toy molds were sold to an Iraqi toy company and later got lost or destroyed during the First Gulf War. A few of the molds were acquired by boardgame and toy manufacturer Nexus Editrice, that began issuing quality recasts of the 1/72nd scale figures mostly for the collectors' market in 1998 and published the miniature wargame "Atlantic Wars" based on Atlantic toy soldiers. Nexus currently owns the Atlantic brand and log 

Carlo Mastrantonio hosts a nice collectors site for Atlantic toy soldiers HERE

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