September 14, 2014

Figure of the Week #63 GI Throwing Rock + Plugging Dagger

Some plastic army men were the very essence of heroism and fury, injection-molded into an easy, pocket-size form. Back in the days where youngsters had legs and a shape, one of the best ways to entertain yourself was with little plastic army men: Even today, roughly half of all grown men cannot help but see trenches in the garden walls and cliff sides in tree roots. These little soldiers, watched their friends die face down in the mud for a patch of sidewalk. They taught us all about tiny duty, itty-bitty honor, wee sacrifice and bite-sized heroism... and what could convey that heroism and fury of  hand-to-hand combat better then a GI about to crush his opponent with a big rock or his buddy in the midst of plugging a dagger into the heart of the enemy. 

These two guys were made by Lido and are part of an eight figure set. These figures are unique as no other company issued anything even slightly resembling these fantastic poses.  They date from the early 1950s and disappeared from the market rather quickly, replaced by more conventional sets of green army men. Beside the classic olive drab color there were several colors used including red, blue, and yellow and silver. It is thought these 'non army men' colors were made for space & sci-fi playsets.

So...rock and dagger guy have earned the distinction of being a MichToy FOTW.

Lido was formed in 1947 by the nephews (Seymour & Effrem Arenstein) of William Shaland the biggest importer of toys in the country. Lido was sold several times and the figures started to disappear when most of the molds were destroyed in the mid 60s. Only one of the several sets different sets of Lido GIs and large swivel cowboys and Indians survived into the 1990s and were sat seen in Tootsie Toy bags.

Images and info courtesy the blog WWII Plastic Toy Soldiers...

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