September 10, 2014

Expeditionary Forces Expand with ACW Zouaves & Militia

Expeditionary Forces has announced  their new 54mm ACW Zouaves and Militia supplementary sets for the ACW range. 

There are four different catalog items as follows:
54ACW-US-ZVE U.S. Zouaves (Sky-Blue Plastic)
54ACW-US-SHL U.S. Militia Infantry in Shell Jackets (Sky-Blue Plastic)
54ACW-CS-ZVE C.S. Zouaves (Gray Plastic)
54ACW-CS-SHL C.S. Militia Infantry in Shell Jackets (Gray Plastic)

Each box contains the following:-
9 figures including 1 Officer with sword, 1 bugler/standard bearer, 7 infantrymen with sufficient arms to for four different actions poses: firing, attacking, advancing, at ready. (9 models + 12 sets of actions arms) Each box-set will also contain 18 optional heads: for the Zouaves - 6 French kepi, 6 turban, 6 fez; for the Militia – 6 French Kepi, 6 have locked kepi, and 6 round peaked cap.

Whew...That's an amazing amount of combinations! Designed to match the existing ACW range in size and colors the heads and arms can thus be inter-changed with the cavalry and artillery sets for
those adept with pen-knife and glue for even more poses! The possibilities are endless.
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