August 19, 2014

Toy Soldiers & Campaigns of the Imagination

The October 2014 issue of Civil War Times features a fantastic article on toy soldiers and how they can provide a pathway to history for a new generation.
The article Campaigns of the Imagination is written by Mannie Gentile a NPS Ranger and plastic soldier fanatic who also maintains a great blog Mannie Gentile:Toy Soldiers Forever which we have previously featured here in our Links & Web Gems section. Mannie clearly delineates the difference between 'toy soldiers' and the current high-end pewter miniatures with a great comparison..."If you're comfortable throwing dirt clods at it, then it's a toy soldier."
Highly recommended and a great plug for the hobby. Take a day trip over to Mannie's blog at Mannie Gentile:Toy Soldiers Forever 

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