August 18, 2014

Product News: W Britains Releases for August 2014

Word has come down from Britains that next container is in-transit and expected before the end of August (Pre-Order Now & SaveThis will include the following items:

Jack Tars & Leathernecks Collection
13000 – British Marine Officer, 1780
13001 – U.S. Marine in Dress Blues
13003 – U.S. Marine in Green Winter Service Dress, WWII
13006 – U.S. Navy Sailor in Blue Winter Service Dress No.1
13007 – U.S. Navy Sailor in Blue Winter Service Dress No.2

Clash of Empires
16010 – Eastern Woodland Indian Squatting, Waiting with Musket
16011 – Eastern Woodland Indian Kneeling with Hand on Hip
16012 – Eastern Woodland Indian Crouching, Advancing
16013 – “No One Left Behind” – Eastern Woodland Indian Dragging Wounded Comrade Hand-to-Hand Set
16014 – Eastern Woodland Indian Kneeling Priming Musket

American Civil War 
31079 – Union General U.S. Grant
31083 – Confederate General A.P. Hill No.2
31133 – Union Infantry Iron Brigade NCO Cradling Musket 
31146 – Federal Captain of Infantry Wearing Sack Coat with Cigar
31153 – Union Colonel Joshua Chamberlain No.2
31189 – Federal Artilleryman Standing with Arms Crossed 
31212 – Senior Federal Staff Officer with Portfolio
31220 – Laborer with Shovel
31226 – Federal Infantryman in Shirtsleeves with Shouldered Musket

Tactical Scenes- American Civil War
51039 – American Civil War Winter Hut No.1
51040 – American Civil War Winter Hunt No.2

Not Pictured:
Super Deetail Re-Stock
52000 – American Civil War Confederate Infantry Set No.1
52002 – American Civil War Union Infantry Set No.1

World War I 
23059 – “The Veteran’s Farewell” – 19th Century Veteran Sending Young Lad to War in the 20th Century

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