August 09, 2014

Links, Web Gems & Other Digital Delights: WWI Aviation.Com

WWI Aviation.Com is a web site offering an Illustrated History of World War 1 Aviation told with specifications, pictures, photos, biographies of the aces, and aircraft designers. The amount of information gathered here is staggering and this is a must stop for anyone with even a remote interest in Great War aircraft and aviation. While you are there leave a donation to keep the site ad free.

Here is just a small sampling of the content:
Overview Of the War
Prelude to War
Declaration of War
Timeline - Great War
The Fokker Scourge 1915
"Bloody April" 1917
WWI The Early Years
Early developments
Opening Shots In The War
The Middle Years - 1916
The Rise of Advanced Aircraft - 1917
Closing Days Of The War - 1918
Lafayette Escadrille
The Belgian Air Force
America Enters the Fight
The Eastern Front
Pilots And Designers

The Aces of the Great War
The Aircraft Designers
The Balloon Busters
The Machines Of War

Aircraft Development 1914 - 1918
American Aviation Design
Austrian Aviation Design
British Aviation Design
French Aviation Design
German Aviation Design
Italian Aviation Design
Russian Aviation Design
Turkish Aviation Design
Bomber Aircraft
Seaplanes & Naval Aviation
Birth Of The Airships
Observation Balloons
Back To The Drawing board
WWI Machineguns
Aircraft Engines
World War One Camouflage
World War 1 Aircraft Profile Gallery By Nation

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