August 24, 2014

Figure(s) of the Week #61: Of Federal & Confederate

Our latest Figure(s) of the Week come from the St. Petersburg Collection by Aeroart. These figures go back to the early 2000s and have been retired for many years now. The union soldier going over a fence is one of my all time favorite figures because its brilliantly sculpted with simple motion and movement and shows just how beautiful a production historical miniature can be in the right hands. I added two beautiful confederates also by St. Petersburg to make a nice little three figures vignette on my bookshelf. Sometimes a simple grouping of two or three figures can tell a story just as week as a large sweeping diorama.

The St. Petersburg Collection, a division of AeroArt International Inc, produces what many consider the world’s finest production model figures. Not to be confused with ‘toy soldiers’ which encompass simple sculpting, basic paint most often with gloss finish, and low cost,  these model figures are made of ‘white metal’ (tin, lead and alloys) in 54mm (1/32), and rendered by esteemed master miniature craftsmen in Russia exclusively for The St. Petersburg Collection. After considerable research, these model figures are sculpted and then painted in matte finish by master painters to realistically portray historical military subjects. They are made in limited quantity and become highly-prized collectibles for discerning collectors.

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