May 05, 2015

Product Spotlight: Playset Magazine...You had your Childhood - Now Get It Back!

Remember Playsets? We Do!!
The excitement of the Marx playset has never left those of us who had and loved them as kids of the Atomic era. Playset Magazine takes you back for more fun with great photos, reports, stories and news featuring your Fort Apache, Battleground, Cape Canaveral and all the other fabulous sets. Marx and the Louis Marx toy company get top billing but they also cover all the fantastic plastic from Pecos, MPC, Eldon, Ideal, Deluxe Reading, Giant and so many others from the Atomic Age and Beyond. Also featured are the incredible new sets too from designers like Barzso Playsets, Inc., Toy Soldiers of San Diego and others. Playset  interviews the world's greatest toy makers and feature the best toy writers and photographers to deliver the most complete history, news and information ever published on plastic --You'll see the vintage toy soldiers, Army men, Cowboys, Indians, space men, rockets, tanks, buildings, forts and castles and all the other toys that came in these sets.

Playset Magazine is now into its 14th year as America's only publication devoted to plastic and vintage toy soldiers. The current issue is no. 81

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