September 30, 2014

Product News: New Textures & Pigments from MIG Productions

 MIG Productions for October 2014.
Concrete is a new acrylic based non-textured paste. It can be used to represent concrete, walls covered or finished in plaster, mortar around bricks... It can be applied directly over balsa wood, plastic, metal, foam..The adhesive properties are extreme and once dry, the Concrete paste is rock hard and can be sanded or carved.
Concrete Grey  P509
Concrete Aged Blue  P510 
Concrete Aged Yellow  P511

New German pigment colors. Earth Mid tone can be used for models painted in German yellow, camouflaged vehicles, road wheels, tracks, terrains, urban decay buildings, rally cars, planes, figures. This is also a great color to represent dust or dry mud in any kind of model. Earth Dark tone is good for road wheels, tank tracks, figures, rally car wheells
German Earth Mid   P059 
German Earth Dark  P060

Transformation Sets
Transformation Sets include: 2 Washes / 2 Oils / 2 Filters / Guide with tips. 
MGP-P259 MIG Transformation Set: Eastern Front Summer Vehicle Set
Summer in the Eastern Front is known by the extremely fine earth and dust. Once well dry, this dust goes to into any spot and gets a very characteristic color. So, MIG Productions just gathered a selection of products to achieve that ultra-realistic final look.
This set contains: P304 Enamel Mud Splash Wash 75ml Bottle, P308 Enamel Light Sand Wash 75ml Bottle, P401 Enamel Ochre Filter for Grey Sand 35ml Bottle,P406 Enamel Brown Filter for White-Yellow Camo 35ml Bottle, ABT125 Weathering Oil Paint Light Mud 20ml Tube, ABT245 Weathering Oil Paint Sand Brown for German Yellow 20ml Tube
MGP-P260 MIG Transformation Set: Eastern Front Winter Vehicle Set 
\A super set based on the Eastern front scenario, Winter season. Winter in eastern front is responsible for the extreme weathering in vehicles, planes and buildings… Eastern Front in winter is like a “Frozen Hell”
This set contains: P302 Enamel Deep Green Wash 75ml Bottle, P306 Enamel Decay Wash 75ml Bottle, P421 Enamel Neutral Grey Filter for Panzer Grey 35ml Bottle, P423 Enamel Dark Green Grey Filter 35ml Bottle, ABT235 Weathering Oil Paint Intense Blue for German Grey 20ml Tube, ABT240 Weathering Oil Paint Cream Brown for German Yellow 20ml Tube

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