July 31, 2014

Links, Web Gems & Other Digital Delights: AK Interactive on You Tube

AK Interactive have recently launched a new You Tube Channel the trailer promises Advance Techniques, Detailed Guides, Quick Tips & Tricks, Weathering Tips and Tutorials among other things. 

Just posted are Why Ak Acrylics Are Better Part 1 & Part 2 in which they show how AK's acrylics work. "Our new developed formula with ultra high coverage is created to make modeling easier than ever. We will show how they work on a PT-76, without priming nor diluting the acrylic. In the second part we will show some tips on weathering over the PT-76 and how AK's acrylics are used to give a really rusty look. This is a quick look to what can be done with AK's products!!!! ...more to come soon."

Also just posted and the most useful of thew bunch is 

AK159 Metal Burnishing Fluid
"Check Out How Ak 159 Metal Burnishing Works, It Acts In Just 30 Seconds"

With AK's reputation and quality products this looks like a promising new channel and one worth subscribing to.

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