July 25, 2014

Figure of the Week #60: Airfix 1/32nd Scale Plastic Cowboy

Our newest FOTW is this menacing looking cowboy and comes from Airfix and their wonderful Cowboys set. Airfix first released the Cowboys, Indians and 7th Cavalry sets in 1974-76. These are arguably, the finest sculpted 1/32nd scale plastic figures ever made. The sculptors at Airfix were able to get dynamic figures out of the two dimensional limitations of injection molding with their attention to detail, perfect proportions, and realistic poses. Any one of the poses in this set are worthy of the FOTW designation but this has always been one of my favorite ones. 

The sets were the first to include mounted figures and separate saddles. This set had yellow plastic Cowboys and saddles with grey horses. There were ten separate foot poses including a Sheriff, two mounted poses and two different horse positions (the horses would be the same for all three of the American West Series sets). When this set was re-released in 1995 it had four figures only and was moulded in olive green which is pictured here.

Airfix Cowboys Box Catalog 51465

Airfix is probably second only to Marx in popularity, these figures are highly prized by collectors. Airfix made many different series of 1/32nd scale plastic figures including WWII troops, Modern troops, American West, Spacemen and even Soccer players.

Visit http://www.airfixtoysoldiers.com for a great fan sight of the entire 1/32nd scale Airfix range.

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